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FEATURED LISTS: Book Reviews By Local Teens

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Summer of My German Soldier

Summer of my German Soldier


3 stars.

Describe the book: Stereotypes are quite the thing now days, and they were the same in the last century. It was wild that a Jewish girl, Patricia (Patty) Bergen, would help a German Prisoner of War, Anton Reiker. She housed him for about two weeks giving him food and clothes, and then helped him "escape". Then two months later she learns something has happened to A.R

What did you think: I felt very intrigued by this book, because I did not know what was going to happen,for example when Patricia would keep saying lies, to see what reaction it would cause the people around her. Also, there was a great intrigue when Patricia learned that Anton was captured. And she was in a constant panic of what would happen next, to both her and AR

Who would you recommend it to: Young adults,because it is an easy read, but easy

- A.K. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

J.K. Rowling


4 stars.

Describe the book: Harry Potter, the boy who lived, parents died as a baby, gets sent to his Aunt and Uncle's house to be raised. When we was 11, his life changed forever. He was a wizard! He went to hogwarts. He found a trap door and was curious what was under it. He discovered it was the Sorcerer's stone, he retrieved it while facing the man who killed his parents.

What did you think: It was amazing, very well written. I loved how each character had a certain skill to help them get through the parts of the magical spells in front of the stone. I loved how magical the place was, and Dumbledore is the best!! I very much enjoyed the children learning about everything and becoming closer because of it.

Who would you recommend it to: Anyone who could read and definitely magic lovers!

- R.P. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Bad Boy

Diana wieler

1 star.

Describe the book: A.J. a 17 yr old who plays hockey gets on to an A list team he gets a unexpected surprise that his best-friend and team mate are gay which leads to his anger and aggression. Trying to erase his "bad boy" reputation on the ice is only problem A. A.J has to come to terms that his friends are gay after the news wears off,he questions his own sexuality

What did you think: I felt it was a little representative of some things that are definitely becoming more popular in our new society. My favorite part is well i can't really say all in all the book wasn't that bad.

Who would you recommend it to: gay's it would be kind of a romance i suppose

- A.D. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library


The Bell Jar

Sylvia Plath


4 stars.

Describe the book: The Bell Jar is about a girl named Esther Greenwood who has a breakdown. She goings to receive help and it's a long journey for her.

What did you think: I feel like the book is great and in some parts very relatable. I like all the parts to be honest. All were very good.

Who would you recommend it to: High school students

- M.C. (Grade 9) from Clinton Library

Paper Towns

John Green


4 stars.

Describe the book: Quentin is an overly obsessed guy, obliviously crushing on Margo. As childhood friends, they meet again on yet another extraordinary adventure that he thought would last forever. His perspective changes when he tries to mimic her thoughts and plans trying to find her. To what he finally found, the REAL Margo

What did you think: This story made me feel adventurous, spontaneous relating to Margo's distinct adventure with Quentin as her way of revenge. And couldn't forget about the road trip accident with the cow and the uncontrollably urge to pee with Quentin's friends adventure finding Margo.

Who would you recommend it to: High school Students; people who enjoy adventures.

- M.L. (Grade 10) from Snohomish Library

Running Scared

Leslie McGill


3 stars.

Describe the book: The book was really good, and you got to see all the different struggles Rainie was going through starting at her eating disorder to her moms new boyfriend to fainting at school. also her "love" life. there wasn't much on that other than the boy kissed her a few times and they went running together but it was cute. i enjoyed the book!

What did you think: I felt like this was good book and i enjoyed it a lot my favorite parts were when the boy she liked kissed her and she was left "speechless" because it was really cute and also i liked the part when her mom and her boyfriend broke up because he was actually a bad guy and shouldn't of been there anyways.

Who would you recommend it to: people who like fictional books more

- H.J. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library


Tyler Oakley

818.602 OAKLEY

4 stars.

Describe the book: Binge is an autobiography about the LGBT advocate and YouTube star Tyler Oakley. The book is not just about his rise to fame, it's about his struggles at home, to get into college, body image and self- acceptance. The YouTube star that now has 7,753,229 million subscribers, tells how he made it financially through college along with other stories.

What did you think: I think it is a very good heart warming and melting book.

Who would you recommend it to: People who need self-acceptance & high-schoolers.

- H.M. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Black and white

Paul Volponi


2 stars.

Describe the book: It's about 2 basketball players that are black and white and they are the best on there team, but they need money for shoes. So they decide to rob people with a old gun they have. All went well until during one of there robberies, the gun went off hitting a man, What happens to them after and how it effects their basketball careers is incredible

What did you think: My favorite parts were the basketball games. Its a very gripping story of success and triumph.

Who would you recommend it to: Basketball fans and Those into drama

- R.C. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You

Ally Carter


2 stars.

Describe the book: Cammie is excited to begin her sophomore year at Gallagher Academy, a spy school disguised as a snooty boarding school for heiresses, especially since she gets to take Joe Solomon's Covert Ops class. This class will be the first time that she and her peers get to do anything like real spy work. On their first mission at the town carnival, Cammie .

What did you think: I felt like it was a very interesting book and had alot of action and attention grabbing scenes that they state clearly. My favorite part was when the senator brought his daughter for a visit to the school and she got so flustered when she saw joe for the first time and how the girls had to act so different then what they were used to.

Who would you recommend it to: High school girls who love romaction

- A.D. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Gone with the Wind

Margaret mitchell


3 stars.

Describe the book: it starts out in the spring of 1861 scarlett living on the large plantation in georgia. She is madly in love with ashley wilkes but one day she hears she is engaged.Scarlett soon had fallen in love with a man named charles hamilton, they got engaged before he had returned to war. charles soon returns to war and dies scarlett finds out shes pregnant

What did you think: the book wasnt as good as others i have read, it didnt have a good hook and it wasnt too engaging. My favorite part of the book was when scarlett had found out she was pregnant and what happens after she has her son.

Who would you recommend it to: high schoolers

- k.l. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

American Sniper

Chris Kyle, Jim DeFelice, and Scott McEwen


4 stars.

Describe the book: American Sniper is the Autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. history.

What did you think: I love the book, although it is at many parts a tad serious. my favorite parts were the whole book at a majority.

Who would you recommend it to: military lovers

- G.H. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library


Laurie Halse Anderson


3 stars.

Describe the book: this book is about a girl who is dealing with anorexia nervosa named lia and about lias best friend who died from bulimic

What did you think: i feel that is was very upsetting and depressing. i didn't really have favorite parts because the book was to sad talking about how they both didn't eat and wanted to be super skinny to feel confident

Who would you recommend it to: people who feel insecure

- A.E. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Black Beauty

Anna Sewell


4 stars.

Describe the book: This classic is an autobiography from the perspective of a horse who was very loved and had a tender life style in the beginning of his life. Since then Beauty has been moved around from owner to owner being some owners were more abusive than others. This is the tale of a horse who discovers himself and his "family" along the way, where he belongs.

What did you think: One of the most powerful parts of this book to me was when Smith had gotten drunk and rode Black Beauty very hardly and using a whip then crashing when Beauty had lost a shoe. Killing Smith. I felt it was almost justice and heartbreaking at the same time. This book had a lot of powerful meanings hidden within the text.

Who would you recommend it to: Anyone looking for a good read or animal lovers

- H.J. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library


Edward Bloor


3 stars.

Describe the book: Tangerine is about a boy named Paul Fisher that moves to Tangerine, Florida, from Houston. He is obsessed with zombies as he remembers something from his old house that explains why he has thick glasses. His brother Erik is a huge jerk and his parents don't care about Paul as much as they do to Erik. Paul later forgets zombies and turns to soccer.

What did you think: My favorite part was when Erik had accidentally killed his friend due to the fact that his friend confronted him.

Who would you recommend it to: This book would be for people who like fiction

- N.N. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library


Brian Jaques


4 stars.

Describe the book: This is a tale of one clumsy mouse becoming a warrior and saving his home from evil. Mathias, the main character, lives a calm and peaceful life along with the others in Redwall Abbey, until the evil Cluny the Scourge and his horde show up. Mathias goes on a journey to recover the fabled sword of Martin the Warrior, the historic warrior of Redwall.

What did you think: I thought the book was great. I enjoyed Mathias' character and his story. I thought Cluny, though stereotypical, was a good villain. The defense of the Abbey was probably my favourite part, although the death of Asmodeus and the recovery of the Sword of Martin was also good. I was sad when someone died and happy when they finally defeated Cluny.

Who would you recommend it to: Fantasy lovers

- P.D. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library


Sara Shepard


4 stars.

Describe the book: Wanted is the last book of the series. Four girls are being stalked by a mysterious 'A' after their friend Ali disappears. The books write about the girls lives in greater detail. In this book, the girls meet Courtney (Ali's twin sister no one knew about.) Things get sketchy after her arrival. All your questions will be answered in this book.

What did you think: Every part of this book was intriguing. The author does a great job making her readers think that someone is guilty when they are really not. This takes your mind off of something else that may have happened. I love how each character is connected and has something to do with the mystery. I love the plot twist and cliffhanger at the end.

Who would you recommend it to: People who like the show Pretty Little Liars

- T.F. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

A kiss in time

Alex Flinn


3 stars.

Describe the book: Wheb talia is trapped with a curse of if she touches a spindle she will fall into an eternal sleep until true love's kiss awakes her, while she has been asleep for 300 years a boy named jack stuck in a tour gruop hopes to find a beach he instead finds talia and cannot resist but kissing her when she awakens shes confused by what happened to her.

What did you think: I felt i wasnt going to like it because Talia seem really spoiled at the beggining and thaught it wasnt gonna be romantic because of that attitude she had and her way of thinking but she changed throughout the book

Who would you recommend it to: Romantic lovers

- M.M. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

The notebook

nicholas sparks


4 stars.

Describe the book: Mill worker Noah Calhoun and rich girl Allie find each other in love in 1940s in South Carolina. Allies parents do not approve of Noah. Noah goes off to serve in WW2, that seems to be the end of their love affair. Noah comes back before Allies new man and hers marriage, to find that their romance is anything but over.

What did you think: I love this book, it's so adorable and romantic

Who would you recommend it to: high school kids who love romance

- N.H. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

The Witch Hunter

Virginia Boecker


4 stars.

Describe the book: In The Witch Hunter, a young girls parents die in a plague. She then grow´s up in a kitchen with her best friend who´s parents were also taken by the plague. Shortly after a mysterious man reaches out to them after witches have been outcast by the 13th tablet. They begin their training as witch hunters, and from there the story only gets better.

What did you think: This book made me ride a roller coaster of emotions...I loved it! One of my favorite parts was towards the end where she has to choose between her best friend and everything she knows and a mysterious wizard she met while trying to find and kill the leader of the witches uprise.No spoilers! But! You will love the book if you love emotional stories.

Who would you recommend it to: lovers of fantasy, and gut wrenching stories.

- A.B. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Dark Witch

Nora Roberts


4 stars.

Describe the book: A young girl just packs everything and moves to Ireland to go visit her cousins and learn about her family's ancestry. When she gets there she´s in for the shock of a lifetime. Not only does she have so much in common with all of them... She learns she is to defeat an evil warlock who has cursed and haunted her family ancestors for centuries.

What did you think: This book was way beyond a 4 star! I wish I could have given it ten stars! If you love Romance, Ireland and great characters with eye catching personalities. Then this book is definitely for you! My favorite part of the book is the very beginning. Where she gets a job at a horse stable doing what she loves...And all of a sudden she meets a guy.

Who would you recommend it to: romance, fantasy and animal lovers

- A.B. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Land of Sand

Hiromu Arakawa


3 stars.

Describe the book: This book is a very interesting book about the Elric Brothers, two alchemist who live in an alternate medieval history where alchemy is one of the most practiced sciences, alchemist are military majors, and where anything of equal size and mass can be transmuted. They come across a small mining town past its glory days and try to help the town.

What did you think: I liked it a lot cause i am a fan of the manga and the anime series and found this bool really easy to read. I feel though if you are not a fan of the anime, than you won't be as interested in it as most fans would be. My favorite part was every time any of the battles happened with transmutation.

Who would you recommend it to: Those interested in Anime, light novels, and scifi

- H.R. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Throne of Glass

Sarah j. Maas


4 stars.

Describe the book: Celaena Sardothien One of the greatest assassin known, all fear her, has been locked in a death camp forever now. freedom is a step away when the prince takes her to compete in a competition to serve as the vicious kings champion. But to do so she must compete with 20 others fighting for there freedom. She also must hide her identity, and hold back

What did you think: I love how during the competition of bows and arrow shooting Celaena was sick of holding back and not being allowed to do her best and allowing others to be better then her. So she made sure to hit the targets exactly where she wanted, never dead center, but close. However when it came to the one target no one could hit she hit dead center.

Who would you recommend it to: for people who like action, assassins,and romance

- M.B. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Riley's Secret

Christina Smith

3 stars.

Describe the book: Megan(17) rich girl who has bad friend and parents that don't even notice her, receives 200 hours of community service for doing something that she didn't do. Nate(18) the man in charge at Riley's house (were the community service is) hates Megan because he thinks she belongs in jail. However their relationship soon changes when he learns the truth

What did you think: when Megan Continuously finds a wolf in her back yard, and then starts talking to the wolf. However she choose to complain about her kind of/possible boyfriend and how he is really confusing, though without her knowledge the wolf just so happens to be her boyfriend which is a werewolf and she's sitting there complaining about him, to him.

Who would you recommend it to: People who enjoy fiction,romance,and an easy read.

- M.B. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library


Split Second

Kasie West


1 star.

Describe the book: Addie and Laila are best friends and Paranormals.The worlds of the Normals and Paranormals are separated.The Paranorms are aloud to visit the Norms only if they never tell them about their powers.If they do then their memories are erased.How can Addie and Laila know what is real and what is a lie? Their memories hold the key.

What did you think: I think that this book had an intricate and excellent plot and world, but I do not feel that it was executedas well as it could been. I also thought that the main characters, Laila and Addie, were bland, I did not find them interesting in teh slightest. Overall I think this book had so much potential, but it did not meet my hopes and expectations.

Who would you recommend it to: People who enjoy reading about teens with powers.

- M.N. (Grade 9) from Langley Library

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee


2 stars.

Describe the book: The story is about a girl and boy facing the challenges of civil rights in there small town.

What did you think: I liked it but i didn't like it as much as i thought i would from the reviews id been given of the book and as many times i had been told to read it. I suppose its just not my type of book.

Who would you recommend it to: people who love literature, reading lovers

- G.N. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

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