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WASHINGTON READS: Chapter Books Set in Washington

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WASHINGTON READS: Chapter Books Set in Washington

Seaglass summer Juvenile Book Seaglass summer

Banerjee, Anjali.

While spending a month on an island off the coast of Washington helping in her Uncle Sanjay's veterinary clinic, eleven-year-old Poppy Ray soon questions her decision to follow in her uncle's footsteps.

Cinderella Smith : the more the merrier Juvenile Book Cinderella Smith : the more the merrier

Barden, Stephanie.

Cinderella and Erin are hard at work learning to spell real words, because whoever wins first place in the spelling bee gets to pick the theme of the class party!

Cinderella Smith Juvenile Book Cinderella Smith

Barden, Stephanie.

Cast off by her old friends, Cinderella agrees to help a new student deal with the stepsisters she will soon have, and meantime, a former friend tries to prevent Cinderella from dancing the lead in their tap recital.

Storm Mountain Juvenile Book Storm Mountain

Birdseye, Tom.

Two thirteen-year-old cousins are trapped in a blizzard on the same treacherous mountain in the Cascades that claimed the lives of their world-famous, mountain-climber, twin fathers exactly two years earlier.

Trackers Juvenile Book Trackers

Carman, Patrick.

Team of teens joins forces as "trackers" to protect innocent people from internet criminals. After this book, read Shantorian, the sequel.

The bamboozlers Juvenile Book The bamboozlers

De Guzman, Michael.

Nothing exciting ever happens to twelve-year-old Albert Rosegarden until he meets his grandfather for the first time, and the pair travel to Seattle, Washington, where Albert becomes a partner in his grandfather's elaborate scheme to "con a con man."

Saltwater taffy Juvenile Book Saltwater taffy

Delabarre, Eric.

When they uncover a treasure map belonging to the ruthless pirate Jean Lafitte, five friends start on a treasure hunting adventure.

Brendan Buckley's universe and everything in it Juvenile Book Brendan Buckley's universe and everything in it

Frazier, Sundee Tucker, 1968-

Ten-year-old Tae Kwon Do blue belt and budding rock hound Brendan Buckley keeps a "Confidential" notebook for his top-secretscientific discoveries. And he's found something totally top secret. The grandpa he's never met, who his mom refuses to talk about or see, is an expert mineral collector and lives nearby! Secretly, Brendan visits Ed DeBose, whose skin is pink, not brown like Brendan's, his dad's, or that of Grampa Clem's, who recently died. Brendan sets out to find the reason behind Ed's absence, but what he discovers can't be explained by science, and now he wishes he'd never found him at all.

Daughter of Suqua Juvenile Book Daughter of Suqua

Hamm, Diane Johnston.

In the early 1900s as change comes to the village on Puget Sound where she lives, ten-year-old Ida Bowen worries about what is ahead for herself, her parents, beloved Little Grandma, and other members of the Suquamish people.

Our only May Amelia Juvenile Book Our only May Amelia

Holm, Jennifer L.

May Amelia Jackson is the only girl ever born on the Nasel River-a Real Miracle, her family says. And with seven brothers, she believes it. Sometimes she even forgets she's a girl & goes fishing or tending the sheep with her brothers. But other times her family does make her feel like a Miracle-whether they're being just plain maddening & making her stay inside when a real live murderer's on the loose, or whether they're telling her she's the only May Amelia they've got. What May thinks would be the greatest Miracle of all, though, is if the baby inside her mamma's belly turned out to be a girl. Will May always be their only Miracle or will the new baby be the little sister she's been hoping for? Inspired by the diaries of her great-aunt, the real May Amelia, Jennifer Holm has given us a historical fiction heroine with the adventurous spirit of Tom Sawyer & the spunkiness of Lucy Whipple.

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