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SPORTS: Horses and Ponies

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SPORTS: Horses and Ponies

Black Gold Juvenile Book Black Gold
A heroic, small-boned horse with a will to win is finally ridden to glory by his devoted jockey.

Henry, Marguerite, 1902-1997.
Equestrian events Juvenile Book Equestrian events
Describes the connection between horses and people, show jumping, dressage, and various equestrian events.

Knotts, Bob.
J 798.24 KNOTTS
Equestrian sports Juvenile Book Equestrian sports
Discover equestrian sports such as jumping, dressage, evening, driving, endurance, vaulting, and reining in this colorful book.

Herran, Joe.
J 798.2 HERRAN
H is for horse :  an equestrian alphabet Juvenile Book H is for horse : an equestrian alphabet
From basics such as mucking out the stall and how to judge a horse's qualities to historical facts on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Ulmer, Michael, 1959-
J 428.1 ULMER
Harriet Bean and the League of Cheats Juvenile Book Harriet Bean and the League of Cheats
Harriet Bean loves nothing more than a good mystery. Harriet doesn't think twice when her mind-reading detective aunts Japonica and Thessalonika enlist her help in catching a cheat at the racetrack. After all, Harriet is just the right size to go undercover as a jockey. But when the plan takes an unexpected turn, Harriet finds herself in the saddle!

McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
Horse power Juvenile Book Horse power
SADDLE CLUB SERIES. The three members of the Saddle Club prepare for a gymkhana and try to persuade Kate, a championship rider who no longer rides, to join their team.

Bryant, Bonnie.
Horseback riding for fun Juvenile Book Horseback riding for fun
An introduction to horseback riding, discussing a horse's anatomy, how to care for a horse, riding equipment and techniques, and various equestrian events.

Gruber, Beth.
J 798.23 GRUBER
Keeker and the sneaky pony Juvenile Book Keeker and the sneaky pony
When eight-year-old Keeker gets a pony, she is faced with the challenge of winning the animal's trust and friendship, and they both come to understand the phrase "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."

Higginson, Hadley.
Little Rat rides book Little Rat rides
Little Rat overcomes her fear and learns to ride a horse, just like her daddy did when he was young.

Bang-Campbell, Monika.
Miss O & friends.  Picture perfecto Juvenile Book Miss O & friends. Picture perfecto
When her father's job takes the family to Italy for the summer and fifth-grader Justine has her best friends join her for two weeks, they find themselves in the midst of a mystery surrounding the Palio horse race.

Speregen, Devra Newberger.
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