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GENERAL FICTION: Stories from the Civil Rights Era

Black girl book Black girl/white girl : a novel

Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-

Remembering Minette Swift, the talented, assertive, 19-year-old African-American girl enrolled as a scholarship student in an exclusive, mostly white liberal arts college near Philadelphia who died under mysterious circumstances fifteen years earlier, Genna, her former roommate, begins an unofficial inquiry into her death. As she reconstructs their tumultuous freshman year at the college in race-torn 1960s Philadelphia, Genna is led also to reconstruct her life as the daughter of a famous "radical-hippie-lawyer" of the 1960s.

Changó's beads and two-tone shoes book Changó's beads and two-tone shoes

Kennedy, William, 1928-

His life radically changed by an encounter with Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, journalist Daniel Quinn embarks on a turbulent journey marked by such historical events as the Albany race riots, the rise of Fidel Castro, and the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women's Literary Society : a novel book Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women's Literary Society : a novel

Hearth, Amy Hill, 1958-

Eighty-year-old Dora, the narrator of a story that began a half century earlier, is bonding with an unlikely set of friends, including Jackie Hart, a restless middle-aged wife and mother from Boston, who gets into all sorts of trouble when her family moves to a small, sleepy town in Collier County, Florida, circa 1962.

Safe from the neighbors book Safe from the neighbors

Yarbrough, Steve, 1956-

A high school history teacher looks into his own past and begins to discover secrets from his childhood in Mississippi during the 1960s, secrets that he didn't know existed and connect him to the violence of the Civil Rights movement.

The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman : [a novel] book The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman : [a novel]

Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-

Story of a black lady born into slavery on a Louisiana plantation, freed at the end of the Civil War, who lives for one-hundred more years.

The dry grass of August book The dry grass of August

Mayhew, Anna Jean.

In 1954, 13-year-old Jubie, traveling with her family and her family's black maid Mary Luther--who has always been there for her, making up for her father's rages and her mother's neglect--encounters racial tension and tragedy.

The help book The help

Stockett, Kathryn.

In Jackson, Mississippi, in 1962, there are lines that are not crossed. With the civil rights movement exploding all around them, three women start a movement of their own, forever changing a town and the way women--black and white, mothers and daughters--view one another.

The queen of Palmyra book The queen of Palmyra

Gwin, Minrose.

"An atmospheric debut novel about growing up in the changing South in 1960s Mississippi in the tradition of The Secret Life of Bees and The Help"--Provided by publisher.

The silence of our friends book The silence of our friends

Long, Mark, 1957-

This semi-autobiographical tale is set in 1967 Texas, against the backdrop of the fight for civil rights. A white family from a notoriously racist neighborhood in the suburbs and a black family from its poorest ward cross Houston's color line, overcoming humiliation, degradation, and violence to win the freedom of five black college students unjustly charged with the murder of a policeman.

The story of beautiful girl book The story of beautiful girl

Simon, Rachel, 1959-

"A novel about a woman who can't speak, a man who is deaf, and a widow who finds herself suddenly caring for a newborn baby"--Provided by publisher.

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