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Finger lickin' dead book Finger lickin' dead

Adams, Riley, 1971-

When her friend Evelyn's cheating boyfriend, a food critic who has been negatively reviewing several local restaurants, including hers, is found dead, Lulu Taylor works to catch the real killer and exonerate her loved ones.

Series: Memphis BBQ mysteries

Holly blues book Holly blues

Albert, Susan Wittig.

China Bayles is fit to spit when her husband's troubled ex-wife, Sally, shows up at her herb shop, claiming to be broke with nowhere else to turn. When she invites Sally to stay, China starts receiving menacing calls from an "ex" of Sally's, who seems to have a connection to the murder of her parents nearly a decade ago.

Series: China Bayles Mysteries

Drop dead chocolate book Drop dead chocolate

Beck, Jessica.

When Suzanne Hart's mother runs for mayor of April Springs, someone murders the opposing candidate, making Momma Hart the prime suspect.

Series: Donut Shop Mysteries

Toast mortem book Toast mortem

Bishop, Claudia, 1947-

Bernard LeVasque has opened a multi-million dollar cooking school in Hemlock Falls, and has even stolen customers from Sarah and Meg Quilliam's Inn. But someone finds the infamous chef too bitter-and takes him off the menu for good.

Series: Hemlock Falls Mysteries

Murder has a sweet tooth book Murder has a sweet tooth

Bliss, Miranda.

Annie Capshaw is trying to keep her wedding nuptial nuisances to a minimum, but murder has a way of interrupting everything. Instead of handling the details of her wedding, she is investigating the death. The victim seemed to be living the perfect life of a suburban wife. Now Annie wonders if married life is a recipe for murder.

Series: Cooking Class Mysteries

The chocolate snowman murders book The chocolate snowman murders

Carl, JoAnna.

Lee McKinney Woodyard knows that being in the luxury chocolate business isn’t all sweetness and light, and neither is the holiday season. But she tries to draw the line at cold-blooded murder. As treasurer of WinterFest, Lee is up to her elbows in the arguments, egos, and last-minute mix-ups that happen behind the scenes. But she’s coping, even when the guest juror of the art show shows up drunk. Lee leaves him to sleep it off, and is stunned the next day when her husband, Joe, discovers someone has put the visiting dignitary into a permanent state of repose...

Series: Chocoholic Mysteries

Goody goody gunshots book Goody goody gunshots

Carter, Sammi.

Candy shop owner Abby Shaw finds herself in a sticky situation trying to convince the police she's seen a murder--but there's no body. However, finding out she's right puts her on the wrong side of a killer.

Series: Candy Shop mysteries

Rest in pizza book Rest in pizza

Cavender, Chris.

Cozy towns like Timber Ridge, North Carolina-the home of Eleanor Swift's delectable pizzeria, A Slice of Delight-don't take well to prima donna celebrities. So no one is particularly pleased when TV host and famous chef Antonio Benet roars into town for a book signing and manages to insult Eleanor, her deliciously saucy sister Maddie, and everyone else within earshot. Insults are one thing, however...but a cold dish of murder is quite another.

Series: Pizza Lovers Mysteries

Scones & bones book Scones & bones

Childs, Laura.

Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning is lured into attending the Heritage Society's "Pirates and Plunder" soiree. But it's an antique diamond skull ring that gets plundered by someone who murders a history intern in the process. Theodosia knows she'll have to whet her investigative skills to find the killer among a raft of suspects.

Series: Tea Shop Mysteries

Agnes & the hitman book Agnes & the hitman

Crusie, Jennifer.

Agnes Crandall's problems are rolling to a boil. First, a dog-napper invades her kitchen, seriously hampering her attempts to put on a wedding that she's staked her entire net worth on. Then a man climbs through her bedroom window to save her. "Shane" (no last name) may be Agnes's hero, but he's also a professional hitman - so he's no stranger to trouble himself... Between a rival who wants to take him out and an uncle who may have lost five million bucks in Agnes's basement, Shane's plate is plenty full. Soon Agnes and Shane are tangled up with the lowlifes after the money, a gang of Southern mob wedding guests, a dog named Rhett, and - most dangerous of all - each other.

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