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2011 Fabulous Films for Young Adults “Other Times/Other Places.” The list includes films, both fiction and nonfiction, that display teens reacting to the society around them and how they learn to become who they are. The complete list, including annotations, can be found at

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Ever after a Cinderella story DVD Ever after a Cinderella story


A retelling of an independent-thinking Cinderella set in 16th century France.

The fifth element DVD The fifth element


War hero Korben Dallas just wants to live a quiet life, but an inter-galaxy invasion set to destroy the earth changes his mind.

Ghost in the shell DVD Ghost in the shell


A computer wants to hack into minds and take over memories and Major Motoko Kusanagi has to stop it in this animé film.

Grease DVD Grease


Grease is the word. A musical version of high school set in the 1950s.

Hairspray DVD Hairspray


In this popular John Waters film set in the 1960s, a young girl integrates a popular TV dance show.

Howl's moving castle DVD Howl's moving castle


In this animé film based on Diana Wynne Jone’s book, Sophie is transformed from a young girl into an old woman and must overcome obstacles and befriend the dreaded Howl in order to become herself again.

Labyrinth DVD Labyrinth


After Sarah wishes her baby brother to the gobins, she must go save him from the Goblin King.

Land of the lost DVD Land of the lost


Cave ride! Travel with discredited Dr. Rick Marshall to another land where he must fight the slow-moving Sleestaks and save the world.

A League of their own DVD A League of their own


With the men off at war, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League is created to continue the American pastime.

Marie Antoinette DVD Marie Antoinette


A stylized retelling of the life of young, beautiful Marie Antoinette.

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