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Lists - Saved and Working

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This page will tell you about how to use saved and working lists.

Lists: Saved and Working

Tip: To make the best use of these features, we recommend that you login to your account first.

Saved Lists

Saved Lists are a great way to retain lists of titles you may want to place requests for in the future or to keep a list of titles on a favorite topic.

  1. Login to your account
  2. You will now see your saved lists on the right side of the screen or you can create a new saved list. You can create as many list topics as you would like.

  3. Click on the search tab.
  4. When you find an item to save, click on 'Add to List' in the bottom right side of the title box. Your created lists will appear for you to choose where you want the title to go.

  5. Continue searching and continue adding titles to your list.
  6. You can move or copy titles from one list to another. You can also print or email your lists.
  7. To delete saved lists, view the list and click on the 'Delete List' link.

See below for instructions on placing requests from your lists.

Note: The first time you create a new list you will be shown a legal disclaimer that any lists you save to your account are accessible to law enforcement. Lists created this way will be retained in your account until you delete them.

Working Lists

Working lists work best if you only want to use the contents of the list for the moment. The simplest use of this is:

  1. Conduct your search in the catalog
  2. Click on 'Add to List' in the bottom right of the title box. Select Working List.

  3. Continue searching and continue adding titles to your working list
  4. You will see your 'Working List' appear on the right side of the screen.
  5. Click on 'Show List Details' for an enlarged view of the list.

  6. You can choose your format, find title availability, delete, print or email the list.

  7. If you want to save the list, then you must Sign in (login) to your account.
  8. To save the items you can 'Copy' or 'Move' each title to a list you have previously created.
  9. Or you can 'Create New Saved Title List' and then 'Copy' or 'Move' titles into it.

  10. When you 'Sign Out' the 'Working List' is deleted.

Requesting Items from Saved or Working Lists

  1. Click on the title from the list
  2. Click on the 'Place Request' button
  3. Submit Request
  4. Return to Search Results screen and return to your list
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