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Meeting 2005-03-28


President Steffener called the meeting to order at 1:00 P.M. at the Marysville Service Center.


Board Members Present: Jacquelyn DeFazio, Dani Fowler, Bob Freeman, Art Kirschenbaum, Joel Selling, Jeanne Steffener, Alanna Stone

Staff Present: Judy Carter, Arch Fonken, Mary Kelly, Pat Olafson, Nancy Patton, Cheryl Telford, Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory

Staff Absent: Gwen Scott-Miller


Al Rutledge, Edmonds; Mayor Nancy Conard, Town of Coupeville


Ms. Fowler moved to accept the agenda as presented. Ms. De Fazio seconded the motion. The Board unanimously approved the agenda.


Ms. Woolf-Ivory brought to the Board’s attention a revised copy of the minutes of the February 28, 2005 meeting included in the day packet.

Mr. Freeman moved to approve the Consent Agenda with the inclusion of the revised February 28, 2005 Meeting Minutes. Ms. Stone seconded the motion, and the Board unanimously approved the motion.


Mr. Rutledge addressed the Board requesting the Library District’s support in providing additional signage in the City of Edmonds indicating the location of the Edmonds Library.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory thanked Mr. Rutledge for his request and asked that he provide a copy of the proposal that he is drafting for the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.


Ms. Woolf-Ivory brought to the Board’s attention the documents included in their day packets:

  • Email communication from the Monroe Library Branch Manager regarding a $250 donation from the University of Washington bookstore in Mill Creek.
  • Letter to the City of Mukilteo regarding the Mukilteo Library Board
  • Copy of Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon’s presentation on the state of affairs in Snohomish County
  • 2005 Annual Report for the Sno-Isle Libraries and Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation


Executive Director

Ms. Woolf-Ivory reported to the Board that she and Valerie Stevens, North Region Manager, met with the Mayor of Arlington and Arlington Councilmember Sally Lien to discuss the Arlington building project.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory thanked the Board for attending the Staff Recognition Event.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory reminded the Board about the Friends of the Lynnwood Library open house on April 10, 2005.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory reported to the Board that a meeting of the Monroe Library Capital Facility Area (LCFA) governing body is scheduled for early April to approve refinancing the LCFA bonds.

In response to a Board member’s request, Ms. Woolf-Ivory asked the Board to approve changing the date of the May Board meeting to Tuesday, May 24, 2005. The Board approved the change and staff will publish all appropriate notices of the change.

Community Libraries & Technology

Ms. Telford shared with the Board the “limited edition” library cards based on the Year of the Book graphics that will be rolled out during National Library Week on April 10, 2005.


Mayor Nancy Conard of Coupeville gave a presentation to the Board regarding how Washington cities are responding to the delivery of services when faced with limited revenue.


Collection Development Policy

Ms. Woolf-Ivory reported to the Board that the System Services Committee met after the February Board meeting and made the adjustments requested by the Board to the proposed Collection Development Policy.

Mr. Freeman, chair of the System Services Committee, moved and seconded by committee action that the Sno-Isle Libraries Board of Trustees adopt the proposed Collection Development Policy replacing the former Collection Development Policy and the Materials Selection Policy.

Mr. Kirschenbaum requested a number of changes to the draft Collection Development Policy.

The Board recessed for 10 minutes at 2:00 P.M. and reconvened at 2:10 P.M.

Mr. Freeman on behalf of the System Services Committee withdrew his previous motion and requested that action on the Collection Development Policy be tabled until the April Board meeting.

The System Services Committee will review the suggestions, provide the Board with a revised draft of the Collection Development Policy, and place the adoption of the revised Collection Development Policy on the agenda of the April Board meeting as an action item.

Library Service Contracts

Ms. Woolf-Ivory updated the Board on her work with contract cities pursuant to the Board’s direction to move cities to full levy rate contracts or annexation to the Library District. The process is moving forward as follows:

  • Lynnwood – discussion of annexation scheduled at upcoming Administrative staff and Council retreats
  • Lake Stevens – annexation information provided and customer survey scheduled
  • Darrington – letter on annexation facts sent to Mayor and meeting will be scheduled.

Stanwood Library Project

Ms. Woolf-Ivory asked the Board to approve a resolution regarding the expansion of the feasibility study to include a review of the existing Thrifty Foods building. The feasibility study resolution specified an extension of the monetary cap on the costs of the study, and defined the City of Stanwood's participation.

Resolution 05-01 – Requesting a Library Feasibility Study

Ms. Stone moved the Sno-Isle Libraries Board of Trustees adopt Resolution 05-01 authorizing the extension of the feasibility study authorized in June 2003 by Resolution 03-03 to include the partnership between the City of Stanwood, the Friends of the Stanwood Library, and the Sno-Isle Libraries. Ms. De Fazio seconded the motion, and the Board approved the motion unanimously.

Board Development / Administration Report

Ms. Fowler reported that the committee recommends the Library District not participate in providing assistance to the tsunami victims as this does not fit within the mission of the Library District.

The Board directed staff to draft a Request for Professional Services for the Board retreat to be held on June 6 or 7, 2005. The Board Development / Administration Committee will review the draft and move forward with the process.


Resolution 05-02 – Recognizing Friends of the Library

Ms. DeFazio moved to adopt Resolution 05-02 recognizing Friends of the Library Week – the week of April 10, 2005. Mr. Kirschenbaum seconded the motion, and the Board passed the motion unanimously.

Internet Use and Safety Policy

Ms. Woolf-Ivory reported that staff updated the Library District’s Internet Use and Safety Policy to include clarification of wireless Internet per the Board’s request.

The System Services Committee reviewed the draft policy and requested that Trustees who have suggested modifications to the policy notify the committee via email prior to the April Board meeting so that changes can be considered prior to the Board meeting.

The revision to the Internet Use and Safety Policy will be placed on the agenda of the April Board meeting as an action item.


Mr. Kirschenbaum reported that he had sent a letter to Senator Kagi supporting the multi-year levy lid lift legislation and had received a response from the Senator thanking him for his letter and detailing the action taken by the Senate.

The Board agreed to discuss Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards as the Board self evaluation at the April Board meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 P.M.

Next Meeting

The next regular Board meeting will be held on Monday, April 25, 2005 at 1:00 P.M. at the Marysville Service Center.

There is not such a cradle of democracy upon the earth as the Free Public Library,
this republic of letters, where neither rank, office, nor wealth receives the slightest consideration.
- Andrew Carnegie