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Meeting 2006-04-24


President Steffener called the meeting to order at 1:13 P.M. at the Oak Harbor Library.


Board Members Present: Jacquelyn DeFazio, Bob Freeman, Art Kirschenbaum, Art Peterson, Joel Selling, Jeanne Steffener

Board Members Absent: Alanna Stone

Staff Present: Judy Carter, Jeanne Crisp, Arch Fonken, Mary Kelly, Pat Olafson, Cheryl Telford, Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory


Ms. DeFazio moved to accept the agenda. Mr. Peterson seconded the motion, and the Board unanimously approved the motion.

Mr. Kirschenbaum requested an Executive Session at the end of the agenda to discuss a personnel issue.


Mr. Freeman moved to approve the Consent Agenda including:

  • Approval of Minutes of March 28, 2006 Meeting
  • Approval of March 2006 Sno-Isle Payroll, Benefits and Vouchers
  • Approval of February 19 through April 14, 2006 Monroe LCFA Vouchers
  • Approval of February 19 through April 14, 2006 Snohomish LCFA Vouchers

Ms. DeFazio seconded the motion, and the Board unanimously approved the motion.


Dani Fowler, Vern Fowler, Karen Hobson, Kathleen L. Knecht, Barbara McKnight


Ms. Hobson from the Arlington Library Board thanked the Board for considering an interlocal agreement between the City of Arlington and the Library District.

Ms. Knecht complimented the Board on providing excellent library service to the Oak Harbor community.

Mr. Fowler, representing the Oak Harbor Library Board, welcomed the Trustees to the Oak Harbor Library.


Executive Director

Ms. Woolf-Ivory thanked the Trustees and staff members who attended the recent Washington Library (WLA) Conference.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory informed the Board that she would be attending a Lynnwood City Council meeting on April 24, 2006 to provide information about annexation to the Library District.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory brought to the Board’s attention the 2005 Annual Report for the Sno-Isle Libraries and the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation included in the Board’s day packet.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory highlighted a number of newspaper articles included in the Board’s day packet.


Capital Facilities Planning

The Board discussed the information gathered and attendance at the capital facilities planning meetings held in April.

2006 Budget Revision

The Board reviewed the proposed revisions to the 2006 budget including the following one-time expenditures as well as items that will require continued funding (staff):

Marketing $ 40,000
Training $ 20,000
Freeland - Facilities $ 75,000
Land Acquisition Reserve Fund $300,000
Staff $202,973
Equipment / Furnishings $151,089
Professional Services $ 92,649
Facilities - Repairs and Maintenance $ 10,000
Supplies and Staff In District Travel $ 7,500
Ending Cash $249,170

Mr. Peterson, chair of the Finance Committee, moved and seconded by committee action that the Sno-Isle Board of Trustees accept the revisions to the 2006 budget as presented. The Board unanimously approved the motion.


Arlington Interlocal Agreement

Ms. Woolf-Ivory informed the Board that the System Services Committee met to discuss the initial draft of the interlocal agreement between the Library District and the City of Arlington. The latest draft of the agreement was included in the Board’s day packet.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory summarized the changes as follows:

The City of Arlington will provide for the use of the land for the library as long as the property is used for library purposes. The Library District’s bond counsel has verified that this provision meets the statutory requirements of the Library Capital Facility Area (LCFA).

If the Library District decides to relocate the Arlington Library to another location, the City has the option of purchasing the building. If the City chooses not to purchase the facility, both the land and the building will be offered for public sale. The proceeds of the sale of the land and the facility will be divided between the City and the Library District.

The Library District will approve the design of a new library facility, own the library facility, and be responsible for the furniture, collection, and equipment housed in the library.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory reviewed the preliminary information on the Arlington community survey with the Board. More complete survey information will be available within the next two weeks and will be shared with the Board, the City, and the Arlington Library Board.


Mr. Selling congratulated Ms. Woolf-Ivory on receiving the 2006 Washington Library Association (WLA) Merit Award for Outstanding Performance at the recent WLA conference. Mr. Selling also commended Mr. Kris Passey, editor of The Arlington Times and The Marysville Globe, for receiving the 2006 Washington Library Association (WLFFTA) Distinguished Service Award.

Mr. Kirschenbaum, Mr. Peterson, and Ms. Steffener gave brief reports on their participation at the WLA Conference and thanked the Board for allowing them to attend the conference.

President Steffener announced that the Board would go into Executive Session for approximately 15 minutes to discuss a personnel matter immediately following the recess.

The Board recessed for 15 minutes at 2:15 P.M. and reconvened at 2:30 P.M.

President Steffener announced the Board cancelled the proposed Executive Session without any discussion.

Mr. Kirschenbaum moved that the Board of Trustees charge the Board Administration / Development Committee to draft a section of policies and procedures regarding the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee. Ms. DeFazio seconded the motion, and the Board unanimously approved the motion.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 P.M.

Next Meeting

The next regular Board meeting will be held on Monday, May 22, 2006 at 1:00 P.M. at the Service Center.

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