Crafting for Your Cats

What could be better than starting a new craft? And there's nothing cuter than a fluffy kitty playing with a new toy. Combine your love of crafting and devotion to your feline friends by creating  your own enriching toys and habitats for your cats! These books will get you started.

Cattastic Crafts

From cat condos to cute costumes, this book contains instructions for making more than 30 crafts that will delight you and your cats.

Cat Castles

Learn how to make a variety of cardboard play habitats, from a basic house to a whimsical pirate ship.  

Knits for Kitties

Includes 25 patterns to help you knit engaging and entertaining cat toys.

Cats in Hats

Make adorable hats for all your favorite felines with these fun knit and crochet patterns.