Dancing on a Cedar Stump

Posed atop a huge stump, the musicians are set and this group is ready to dance. This photo from the Snohomish Historical Society Collection is titled "Old Time Dance on a Cedar Stump" and was taken in 1914.

Photos like these showcased the enormous size of the trees in Snohomish County and served various purposes.

They were used as picture postcards and advertising to encourage visitors to come to the county. Mailed to family 'back home', they were a way to share the uniqueness of life in a new place. What might a person in the Midwest have thought about a tree of such size?

They also advertised the potential of the timber industry as they highlighted the richness of this natural resource in Washington State. 

I’m not certain this group actually danced on the tree stump, but if the music started, I bet they would have given it a go!

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