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Bainbridge Island resident and University of Washington alumni Kristin Hannah is well-known for her bestselling romance and historical fiction novels. A former attorney and graduate of University of Puget Sound law school, she began her writing career in the 1990s and has since gained widespread recognition and acclaim for her emotionally resonant storytelling and vivid character development.

Hannah's works often explore complex relationships, family dynamics, and themes of resilience, love, and redemption. She has a talent for crafting richly detailed settings that transport readers to various time periods and locations, whether it's the Pacific Northwest, World War II-era Europe, or contemporary America. 

New & On-Order Titles

The Women

If You Liked The Women

You might enjoy these stories of women warriors on the front lines doing their best to defend themselves and those they love from the battles raging around them.

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For Fans of The Nightingale

Just like The Nightingale, these titles allow readers a glimpse into what a handful of lives were like during World War II while focusing on themes of family, survival, and morality.

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Books for Fans of Firefly Lane

Fans of the Firefly Lane series will enjoy these second chance dramas. 

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