Just Right Books

Finding the right book with young readers is an exciting activity. Here are some questions you can ask your child to guide you. This conversation can help you select a "just right" book with your reader.

A library staff member or your child's teacher can work with you to find books your young reader will enjoy.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Young readers may enjoy their other books, or authors with similar styles.

What is a book you have recently read and enjoyed? This will help you find books that are similar in character, author or genre.

What types of things do you like to read about? Young readers often know what they like, and books on familiar topics will introduce them to related subjects.

Do you want to read fiction or nonfiction? Many young readers enjoy nonfiction as well as fiction.

By looking at the cover, title or blurb, what do you think this book is about? Does it sound like a book you might enjoy? Beginning readers get ready to read by checking out the cover, title, and reading the description. They ask themselves what the book might be about and whether they’d like it.

Is the print size in this book comfortable for you? Beginning readers look for a balance of illustrations and text. They choose books with a comfortable print size.

Have you read a book this long before? Young readers develop confidence by reading books that are not too long. When ready, they will challenge themselves by choosing longer books.

Can you read and understand the words in several sentences throughout book? The ability to recognize and read familiar words is important for young readers. Take a "book walk" through the pages to find a "just-right" book.

Here are some useful links for finding and choosing books with your young reader:

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