Playing – A Practice of Reading Readiness

Playing is the work of children.  It is one of the very best ways for them to learn language and literacy skills. 

Playing helps children:

  • Practice putting thoughts into words
  • Develop narrative skills
  • Act out real situations and use imagination to solve problems

Parents and caregivers can help to increase these skills by:

  • Allowing time for play
  • Not spending a lot of money on toys – kids can do a lot with a stick, a box, or pots and pans

Reading books together can also help to develop these skills.  Check out these interactive books to encourage more playing (and learning!) together.

Want to know more about the practices of reading readiness? 

These practices will help nurture children’s desire to read and prepare their young minds for the adventures of reading.  We invite you to promote reading with the help of Sno-Isle Libraries: