Why Creativity is Important

How do you encourage kids to be creative, and why? Creativity is important for kids (and grown-ups) because it allows them to express emotions and problem-solve ideas in new and unique ways. Here are some questions to get your child thinking about creativity: 

  • Where do you feel most creative?
  • If you had a garden, what would you plant in it? 
  • Would you rather write a book or illustrate its pictures?
  • If you baked a cake for a special person, what would it look and taste like?
  • If you could invent something to make life better for people, what would it be?

Try reading these books together: 

What to Do With A Box

Nola's Scribbles Save the Day

The Creativity Project

So, grab a box, some markers, or a pail of dirt and get started! 

To find more books about being creative in art, nature and at home, check out this list.