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  • AtoZDatabases - Generate mailing lists targeted to a specific audience by using the "220 Million Residents," "200,000 New Movers," "50,000 New Homeowners," or "30 Million Businesses & Executives" databases.
  • ReferenceUSA - Job search, business research, and marketing database including more than 25 million business profiles & 267 million U.S. residents. Ideal for sales leads, mailing lists, market research, employment opportunities, finding friends and relatives, and much more!
  • DemographicsNow - U.S. demographic data for gaining consumer and market insight.
  • Small Business Reference Center - Explore the Business Areas categories "Expanding a Business" and "Marketing & Public Relations" to identify suggestions on financing expansion, doing business abroad, and more.

Human Resources

  • Small Business Reference Center - Explore the Business Areas category to find information about "Employees," "Legal Issues," and "Management & Leadership Topics."
  • Lynda.com - Online tutorials covering everything from human resource fundamentals to thriving in an on-demand economy.
  • "Human Resources" Booklist

Personnel skills toolkit

  • Lynda.com - Video tutorials on software, web design, business/management skills, financial literacy, job/career skills, etc.
  • Learning Express – Interactive practice exams and guides for academic ((GED (also in Spanish), ACT, SAT, GRE)), U.S. citizenship, civil service, military, and professional licensing & certification tests.
  • Mango Languages - Instruction in more than 70 languages.
  • "Public Speaking/Networking" - Booklist
  • "Management Skills" - Booklist

Additional resources

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