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SNO-ISLE SPECIAL: Book Reviews By Local Teens

Allegiant Teen Book Allegiant

4 stars.

Describe the book: Allegiant is the final book in the Divergent trilogy and tells of what happens when Tris and Tobias leave the city in order to figure out what is outside. Another important element is Tris figuring out her relationship with her brother and Tobias struggling with their discovery of a huge battle over being "genetically pure".

What did you think: I really enjoyed this book. Though there were points that all I wanted to do was curl up into a puddle of tears, in the end Roth ties everything together in a graceful and skill full fashion which brings closure to the reader. Also the way in which it ends does justice to the characters that have become so close to the readers.

Who would you recommend it to: High school readers who liked the Hunger Games

- D.V. (Grade 12) from Lake Stevens Library

Veronica Roth
The House of Hades Teen Book The House of Hades

4 stars.

Describe the book: A group of "Demigods" are on a quest to fight monsters and solve mysteries. While on their quest the Earth God, Gaea, is unleashing her army of monsters to take over the world and kill everyone. The Demigods try and stop Gaea and her army by closing the doors to the House of Hades.

What did you think: I really enjoyed the book. It was an easy read. I couldn't put the book down. You are snagged right in from chapter one.

Who would you recommend it to: Youth in general. Perfect for adventure addicts.

- C.C. (Grade 9) from Arlington Library

Rick Riordan
Starbird Murphy and the World Outside Teen Book Starbird Murphy and the World Outside

4 stars.

Describe the book: Starbird grows up in a farm cult in northern Washington, and fakes her "calling" to become a waitress in Seattle to get away from annoyances like her crush, Indus. City life is new to Starbird and overwhelms her, and through the delays of her returning home, she begins to discover slowly what's really been going on in the Free Family businesses...

What did you think: This book excited me because it takes place in Seattle, and also how it's somewhat similar to Amish stories I've enjoyed, though more cult-y and creepier with intents of holding power behind it. There were things I definitely didn't expect. It was interesting seeing her conflicted mind, between what she grew up with and the reality we read of it.

Who would you recommend it to: gr7+, cult, farming, relationships, families

- A.K. (Grade 12) from Mill Creek Library

Karen Finneyfrock
Lies We Tell Ourselves Teen Book Lies We Tell Ourselves

4 stars.

Describe the book: It's 1959, and the first ten black students to integrate Jefferson High School are changing academic history. One of them is Sarah, a senior determined to graduate there and go to college. When she's paired up with Linda, whose father is racist and runs the town newspaper, they discover odd feelings for eachother they feel they must hide.

What did you think: This is one of the most refreshing and new LGBT books I've read in awhile. Seeing accurate depictions of minorities, especially that far back in time, was brutal. I felt so awful for how people treated Sarah and her friends. Her and Linda's feelings only made it even more interesting, because that was a struggle in itself in that timeframe, too.

Who would you recommend it to: gr8+, racism, historial fiction, lgbtq, schools

- A.K. (Grade 12) from Mill Creek Library

Robin Talley
Divergent Teen Book Divergent

4 stars.

Describe the book: This book is about a girl who changes factions and her journey along the way. In the process Tris learns who she is and partakes in exciting adventures.

What did you think: Truly, I love this book. I had watched the movie, but I think the author of the book did a better job at telling the story.

Who would you recommend it to: Teens who like romance, adventure, and fun books

- G.H. (Grade 8) from Oak Harbor Library

Veronica Roth
I'll Give You the Sun Teen Book I'll Give You the Sun

4 stars.

Describe the book: Noah and Jude are twins, with all the mystical twin feelings and mind reading powers included. Their relationship with eachother goes crashing down once their mother wants them both to apply for CSA, a high school for art. Told in separate viewpoints, their characters seem to switch places throughout their lives, their misunderstandings hidden.

What did you think: What I loved more than anything was how vividly written this was; I could picture the setting so easily, and I pictured it gloomy, rainy and haunting, like the oceans truly are here on the west coast. While I feel I could relate better to Noah's life, I found Jude's chapters far more captivating. The relation of another character blew my mind...

Who would you recommend it to: gr8+, lgbtq, relationships, family, art, twins

- A.K. (Grade 12) from Mill Creek Library

Jandy Nelson
I Am China book I Am China

4 stars.

Describe the book: Iona is a Chinese translator in London assigned a job to decipher the letters and diaries of Jian and Mu, two longtime lovers separated. Jian gets arrested and booted from China after a "manifesto" he caused at one of his concerts, and Mu attempts to live her life in her poetry world without him, wondering why he got himself into such a mess.

What did you think: This was written differently than anything I've read before, and in a really wonderful way. Iona as the middle ground, translating them out of order as she reads them, really builds up the mystery and excitement. It's written in all their characters' viewpoints, but it's surprisingly not hard to follow. I read this much faster than I'd anticipated.

Who would you recommend it to: gr9+, China, relationships, traveling, letters

- A.K. (Grade 12) from Mill Creek Library

Xiaolu Guo
The Nature of Jade Teen Book The Nature of Jade

4 stars.

Describe the book: Jade balances her anxiety disorder and the family drama hidden just under the surface by watching the elephant webcam from Woodland Park Zoo, as well as visiting them often, living just next door. When she begins seeing a young man returning daily with a baby, she gets this urge that he's important, that they must meet, and she must understand him.

What did you think: Pretty much any book based in Seattle reels me in; I'd meant to read this for awhile and I'm so glad I finally have. I love WPZ and Greenlake, two places I go to frequently. I enjoyed her days working with the elephants and watching her family secrets unfold most, how everyone knows what's happening between them but flips out when it's in the open.

Who would you recommend it to: gr7+, relationships, family, elephants, anxiety

- A.K. (Grade 12) from Mill Creek Library

Deb Caletti
the raft Teen Book the raft

3 stars.

Describe the book: a teenage girl named Robbie , visits her aunt they go t the bach robbie gets a nose piercing they do lots of things until robbies aunt is forced t go to a buiness then thingts take a turn for the worst when robbie unexpectantly takes a plane back to her parents house . when she gets on the plane crashs it crashes then the real story begins....

What did you think: when the co - pilot and robbie meet for thr first time and the way robbie acts , when robbie gets rescued by the explores abd it states that she took a really long time to get clean and take a shower and stuff also when robbie sneeks into the co - pilots bag and gets out his journal with all the secerts of how his girlfriend died .

Who would you recommend it to: anyone who likes a real thrillr and atrue adventu

- T.L. (Grade 6) from Oak Harbor Library

Bodeen .s . a [ Stephanie A ]
The Battle of Jericho Teen Book The Battle of Jericho

3 stars.

Describe the book: The Battle of Jericho is a book about the trouble a high schooler boy and his friends get to when they join a club that makes them deside between good and bad desison That may change their life forever.

What did you think: My favorite part about the book was how they all stayed together no matter what

Who would you recommend it to: Middle schoolers,

- D.D. (Grade 8) from Snohomish Library

Sharon M. Draper
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