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SPORTS: Basketball

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SPORTS: Basketball

The Super Electrics Juvenile Book The Super Electrics

Hallem, J.

A group of friends forms a basketball team, coached by one of their mothers, but when they become frustrated over losing every game they play, one girl decides to cheat.

Scooby-Doo! and the hoopster horror Juvenile Book Scooby-Doo! and the hoopster horror

Gelsey, James.

Scooby-Doo and his friends from Mystery, Inc. attempt to rescue a star basketball player who is kidnapped by a monster

Brendan and Belinda and the slam dunk! book Brendan and Belinda and the slam dunk!

Rockwell, Anne F.

Brendan and Belinda and their dad, Mr. Porker, learn that being a good sport means playing the game well and having fun too.

Second-string center Juvenile Book Second-string center

Wallace, Rich.

Cornell Dunk Duncan is thrilled to make the school basketball team, though as a secondstring center, he may mostly be warming the bench, since Jared, the starting center, is the best player on the team. But when Jared begins both missing practice and shots, Dunk gets to cover for him. Hes playing better than ever, but will that jeopardize his friendship with Jared?

How basketball works Juvenile Book How basketball works

Thomas, Keltie, 1966-
J 796.323 THOMAS

This guide to basketball offers information about the game's origins, history, and equipment as well as positions, training, skills, and stats, even the players' shoes.

Getting into basketball Juvenile Book Getting into basketball

Thomas, Ron, 1947-
J 796.323 THOMAS

Each of the "mini sports manuals" in this series provides readers with all they need to know to get started with the sport of their choice, including equipment clothing, the court and players, skills, rules and scoring, officials and competition, and fitness. It introduces beginners to the basic techniques required to play the game well--including a skills section and a step-by-step guide that provides easy-to-follow diagrams and text. Shooting the ball, dribbling, rebounding, passing, and more.

LeBron James book LeBron James

Savage, Jeff, 1961-

Already a superstar basketball player at the age of seventeen, LeBron James appeared on magazine covers, and his high school basketball games were broadcoast on national TV. Drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron became an instant all-star and fan favorite.

Basketball (or something like it) Juvenile Book Basketball (or something like it)

Baskin, Nora Raleigh.

Hank, Nathan, Jeremy, and Anabel deal with the realities of middle school basketball, including family pressure, a series of coaches with very different personalities and agendas, and what it means to be a team--and a friend.

Mount Olympus basketball Juvenile Book Mount Olympus basketball

O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

Zeus, Hera, Athene, Poseidon, and Hades pull some dirty tricks as they face off against Hercules, Jason, Odysseus, Achilles, and Theseus in this gods versus mortals basketball game in ancient Greece.

Deadly drive Juvenile Book Deadly drive

Patneaude, David.

On Whidbey Island, Washington, fourteen-year-old Casey has two goals--to become an excellent basketball player like her mother was, and to find the hit-and-run driver who injured her and killed her mother nine years earlier.

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