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Zombies vs. unicorns Teen Book Zombies vs. unicorns


Twelve short stories by a variety of authors seek to answer the question of whether zombies are better than unicorns.

Zombie queen of Newbury High Teen Book Zombie queen of Newbury High

Ashby, Amanda.

While trying to cast a love spell on her date on the eve of the senior prom, Mia inadvertently infects her entire high school class with a virus that will turn them all into zombies.

World War Z :   an oral history of the zombie war book World War Z : an oral history of the zombie war

Brooks, Max.

This brilliant novel imagines a Studs Terkel-like character traveling the world to access the impact of a war between humans and zombies. Though humans have survived "World War Z", many are still haunted by those terrible years. Max Brooks sets out to reveal the people's stories, to tell the true history of what happened. The result is a stunning and all-too believable oral history of a future conflict.

The zombie survival guide :   recorded attacks book The zombie survival guide : recorded attacks

Brooks, Max.
741.5697 BROOKS

Author Max Brooks warns us that anyone--a policeman, a nurse, a friend, or coworker--can turn into a zombie. That is why this daily calendar is so important. Each page contains information that is vital to survival against an attack by the living dead. You will learn the most effective defense tactics and weaponry, ways to outfit your home, and how to adapt in any territory or terrain. A Zombie Outbreak Journal is included for recording suspicious events. Please, keep alert; zombies may be stalking us right now without us even knowing it. Watch out.

The undertakers : rise of the corpses Teen Book The undertakers : rise of the corpses

Drago, Ty.

When the living dead invade Philadelphia, Will Ritter and a group of teenage resistance fighters, known as the Undertakers, are the only ones that can see them to stop the invasion.

Zombies don't cry Teen Book Zombies don't cry

Fischer, Rusty.

After being hit by lightning on her way to a party, Maddy awakens happy to be alive, but soon realizes she's become one of the living dead.

Soulless Teen Book Soulless

Golden, Christopher.

The attempt of three powerful mediums to open up communication between the living and the dead has disastrous consequences when every corpse within a three-hundred-mile radius of New York City is animated and begins to prey on the living.

Pride and prejudice and zombies :   the classic Regency romance-- now with ultraviolent zombie mayhem book Pride and prejudice and zombies : the classic Regency romance-- now with ultraviolent zombie mayhem

Grahame-Smith, Seth.

A mysterious plague has fallen upon the quiet English village of Meryton--and the dead are returning to life! Feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet is determined to wipe out the zombie menace, but she's soon distracted by the arrival of the haughty and arrogant Mr. Darcy.

Bad taste in boys Teen Book Bad taste in boys

Harris, Carrie.

Future physician Kate Grable is horrified when her high school's football coach gives team members steroids, but the drugs turn players into zombies and Kate must find an antidote before the flesh-eating monsters get to her or her friends.

Zombie blondes Teen Book Zombie blondes

James, Brian, 1976-

Each time fifteen-year-old Hannah and her out-of-work father move she has some fears about making friends, but a classmate warns her that in Maplecrest, Vermont, the cheerleaders really are monsters.

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