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Me and Earl and the dying girl

Jesse Andrews


3 stars.

Describe the book: An awkward teen and his friend are in an awkward predicament where they are made to make a movie for their dying classmate. Not only did they not want anyone to know about their movies, they certainly didn't want to make a special one for a person they barely even know. Wanting to keep it a secret, it was not a good thing when his mom released it

What did you think: I liked it but i felt like it was asking for you to complement it, it kept saying stuff like 'this book sucks' or 'why are you even reading this?' i don't like that part of it. It seemed really cool though, it stayed real and wasn't trying to lie to you about how life really is. Its not even really a sap story either.

Who would you recommend it to: Film story lovers

- K.H. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

The Metamorphosis

Franz Kafka


2 stars.

Describe the book: The book is about a man named Gregor Samsa who one day had awoken and was all of a sudden a giant bug. He deals with struggles all through out the book like losing his job and having his family worry about him and worrying about being financially stable. Gregor now had to adapt to his new life as a giant bug.

What did you think: I felt like this book was kind of weird but interesting at the same time. My favorite part was when he reconnected himself with his humanity for a little when he heard Grete play her violin even if he had to deal with the consequences he enjoyed every second of it.

Who would you recommend it to: I recommend this book to high school students.

- S.F. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

J.K. Rowling


4 stars.

Describe the book: In this book, mass murderer Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban, and is known to be the person who sold Harry Potter's parents to Voldemort. Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 3rd year and is accompanied by Dementors who are guarding the Castle from Black. They're very horrid creatures who make you cold and sad. Harry will come face to face with Black

What did you think: AMAZING!!! Way better than the movie. I very much enjoyed the part of Hermione's crazy cat, and him making friends with the dog. I couldn't put the book down. I really enjoyed the end when everyone was in the shack, and Hermione's time to shine with the time turner was outstanding.

Who would you recommend it to: Anyone.... Kids, teens, adults. And magic lovers.

- R.P. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Anya's Ghost

Vera Brosgol


3 stars.

Describe the book: This is about a girl named Anya that falls down a hole and finds a ghost. This ghost follows her home and wants to be her new BFF. Throughout the story, Anya finds that maybe her new BFF is not the kind of friend she wants.

What did you think: I loved Anya I feel a lot of people will really connect with her and understand her problems. She learns through the story that maybe everything she wants maybe isn't what she needs. She makes some friends throughout the story and fixes friendships shes broken.

Who would you recommend it to: Ghost Lovers;Graphic novel lovers;high school kids

- B.U. (Grade 8) from Snohomish Library

Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson


3 stars.

Describe the book: This book is the story of Jim Hawkins, a young innkeepers son. His life is turned around when his family's inn gets a new tenant, the captain, an old pirate. The captain speaks of treasure and keeps watch for his old enemies while at the inn. When he suddenly dies, the real adventure begins. Jim is sent on a journey to find the missing treasure.

What did you think: I enjoyed this book. One of my favorite parts was when Long John Silver came to the hut and asked for a truce in return for the map to the treasure. When Captain Smollett refused, it was a very fun part to read. The word choice throughout this book was great. It was a challenge/fun to decipher the language that was used so long ago.

Who would you recommend it to: Adventure lovers

- J.C. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

The scarlet letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne


1 star.

Describe the book: Hester Prynne has committed the ultimate sin, adultery. After she is given her punishment, wearing a red A on her chest as long as she lives, she has to deal with the pain and suffering of judgement that comes. While living under scrutiny she has to raise her daughter, Pearl. After many years she confronts her evil husband and reunites with her ex

What did you think: I didn't particularly like anything about this book I found it kind of boring. It was nice to finally know the story of this however because I have heard of this book before but I never knew the real story. It gives an interesting look into the Puritan lifestyle as well since I've been learning about Puritans this year as well. It was boring though

Who would you recommend it to: Classic story lovers

- T.S. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Three of Diamonds

Anthony horowitz


2 stars.

Describe the book: This is about two brothers who solve three mysteries. One about the mystery man Lenny Smiles. The second mystery is while they're on vacation in Paris. They find themselves solving a mystery after Tim lies about working for Interpol on the train. Finally the last mystery is about a school reunion for Tim. People in the reunion keep getting killed

What did you think: I felt like this book didn't really meet my requirements. I thought it was going to be more detailed on how Tim and Nick solve the mysteries but it wasn't. I wished Anthony Horowitz just wrote one mystery that is very detailed instead of trying to pack in 3. My favorite part about this book is when Nick was drugged. The author described this well

Who would you recommend it to: I would recommend it to mystery lovers!

- A.S. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Tale of Despereaux

Kate Dicamillo


3 stars.

Describe the book: The Tale of Despereaux is a 2003 Newbery Medal winning fantasy book written by Kate DiCamillo. The main plot follows the adventures of a mouse named Despereaux Tilling, as he sets out on his quest to rescue a beautiful human princess from the rats. The novel is divided into four "books," chapters, and a coda. I would only read this book slowly.

What did you think: How I felt about this book is it was alright but a little bit boring. My favorite parts where when they took away Ms. Sow and actually started to treat her right. Another part that I like is when they were describing the dungeon how it is like a maze and if there is not light then there is no way out of the dark maze. Surprised by fact from the b.

Who would you recommend it to: people who can read critically

- C.P. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

The Call of the Wild

Jack London


4 stars.

Describe the book: A large shepherd dog named Buck is living in California with his owner Judge Miller. Buck gets stolen from one of Judge's servants and is used for trading in finding gold in the North. Buck constantly fights his way through the battle of torture and learns how to survive strongly in the great North, proving superior of all other dogs around him.

What did you think: I felt that this book was incredibly emotional, adventurous and full of action. Some of my favorite parts were the realization of Buck having to be stronger than before after being beaten with the club and also realizing that he could learn to adapt to his surroundings and become what he was being told to be as a sled dog.

Who would you recommend it to: Animal lovers; lovers of positive resolutions.

- A.M. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library




3 stars.

Describe the book: The series of unfortunate events that occur to Candide, a man who is kicked out of the German castle which he grew up in after he falls in love with the Baron's daughter Cunegonde.

What did you think: My favorite parts were when Candide would be reunited with people that were taken out of the story previously.

Who would you recommend it to: People who love satire.

- J.S. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain


3 stars.

Describe the book: This book was very weird once you understood what was happening. Basically Huck was trying to free his already freed slave friend, and trying to get information about things in weird ways. At one point, he even dressed as a woman, and he even pretended to be one of his good friends, Tom Sawyer, who later found out. All in all, it was really weird.

What did you think: Again, the story itself was pretty weird, but other than that it was really well written and a great read. I really liked the part when Huck faked his death to find his soon to be buddy Jim the slave. He was hiding because he didn't wanna be sold. And Huck didn't agree with slavery, so naturally they became friends.

Who would you recommend it to: Someone who is ready to become confused

- C.L. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Every Day

David Levithan


4 stars.

Describe the book: You have one body, you go to sleep in it and you wake up in it. Imagine if you didn't. Imagine going to bed one night and the next morning you're someone else, someone completely different. That is exactly what happens to A, for 16 years, every day since he was born. Now, you wake up, and you're in love. You have 24 hours before you change.

What did you think: I loved this book so much. I cried, I laughed, I gasped and I cried some more. A breathes so much emotion into everything he says, it's almost as if you can physically feel his pain, suffering, happiness, sadness, fear, joy, just everything.

Who would you recommend it to: absolutely anybody

- S.M. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

The Soulkeepers

G.P. Ching


4 stars.

Describe the book: Jacob Lau is a teenage boy who has a set life. He lives with his mom in Oahu, and everything is normal. It all goes wrong when Jacob is hospitalized in a car accident and his mom goes missing. He moves to Paris, Illinois with an estranged uncle, But Paris is a town with secrets, and Jacob gets caught in a war between Heaven and Hell.

What did you think: This is easily one of my favorite series ever. I love the way it portrays God and Lucifer, and what a Soulkeeper is, and what it represents. I love the rich backstory and the characters. The Fallen Angel and the Angel, the secrets and the mysteries. This book made me think about God and about what if this could happen right now.

Who would you recommend it to: religious; fantasy-lovers; young adults

- J.B. (Grade 9) from Marysville Library

Heaven is a playground

Rick Telander

3 stars.

Describe the book: In this book coach Rodney whose an amazing basketball coach takes kids off the streets and took them to the next level by taking them to travel and playing against more competition, and by doing this and pushing them gets his players scholarships.

What did you think: my favorite parts wh]ere when they were playing in foster park the author made it seem like i would want to hoop with them and made me feel alive and get the adrenaline i would feel if i was in the book.

Who would you recommend it to: Athletes who enjoy a classic basketball book.

- R.C. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library


Paper Towns

John Green


4 stars.

Describe the book: Quentin Aka Q is neighbors with Margo basically the love of his life since they were 8 years old .Now that they are both in their last year of high school Margo is gone right after Margo and Q go on an adventure , Now it is Quentin's chance to find Margo right in time for Graduation and confess his love . Will it go as he planned ? or be a disaster

What did you think: I loved when they went Margo and Quentin went out the night before Margo's disappearance and really talked about what was happening and how Margo finally got Quentin to have fun. Also i love how Margo left little notes all around the place to let people know that she was fine even though she didnt want to be fine , I love the whole book ! <3

Who would you recommend it to: Romance lovers , Middle and High school students.

- T.L. (Grade 7) from Oak Harbor Library


Kurt Vonnegut


4 stars.

Describe the book: Slaughterhouse-five is a peculiar book about Billy Pilgrim, a scrawny fictional character who happens to be drafted into WWII to fight on the front lines. After being captured by the Germans Billy is taken to a prisoner of war camp located at a slaughterhouse. After surviving the war the book talks about his life. Also, he was abducted by aliens...

What did you think: I had initially thought that this book was a war story, and enjoyed this portion. It turns out, however, that is a smaller portion of the book than I had imagined, and instead the book takes on a strange approach, showing the entire life of a man who had been abducted by a weird race of aliens. So, this book is certainly strange.

Who would you recommend it to: Science-fiction lovers

- W.C. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library


Ayn Rand


4 stars.

Describe the book: the book is based off this futuristic utopian society where they're drawn to find their destiny. a guy, draws out being a street sweeper. he is unlike the rest. he has a passion for science and discovering new things & exploring his curiosity. his curiosity ends up getting him in some big issues with their "government" so he runs away from there

What did you think: throughout the book I felt super confused but I had to really dig deep into the meaning of the text and how ayn rand puts it. my favorite parts would have to be when he describes electricity and also when escapes & finds the house of scholars with the love of his life. very interesting read & mind blowing!!

Who would you recommend it to: science fiction lovers

- K.f. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library


Rainbow Rowell


4 stars.

Describe the book: Cath is a fangirl of the very popular series Simon Snow. Simon Snow is very similar to Harry Potter. Cath likes to write fan-fiction of the two main characters Simon and Baz. It's also Caths first semester of college. She has ups and downs adjusting to college life. Also she has social anxiety without her twin sister by her side.

What did you think: This was the very first book I've read by Rainbow Rowell. This was also the first book I read this year. My favorite character had to be Levi I just love like how sweet and caring he is to his friends. I like Cath a lot I could relate to her awkwardness and anxiety. It was very interesting to learn what college is like I've never read a book tha

Who would you recommend it to: People who want to learn about college life.

- B.U. (Grade 8) from Snohomish Library

The Most Dangerous Game

Richard Connell


4 stars.

Describe the book: A sailor by the name of rainsford, falls off of his boat near the shore of a very mysterious island... He has no choice but to swim to this shore and survive. He eventually finds an old chateau with 2 very spooky men inside it. He is greeted with warmth and confort only soon to find out the mans true intentions... Either live. Or die. Survival

What did you think: I felt very excited when I read it. It was extremely fast paced and kept my attention. The plot was also very fascinating and captured my emotions. My favorite part was by far when rainsford surprised general zaroff by hiding in this chateau. Zaroff thought that he was dead and when he found him in his house it completely caught him off guard

Who would you recommend it to: All ages, action packed.

- N.L. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Sherman Alexie


3 stars.

Describe the book: Junior (Arnold) is a teenage boy living on the Spokane Indian reservation. After an encounter with a teacher he decides to switch from the school on the reservation to the white school, 22 miles away. He is shunned by the Indian people and hated by the the white people, all while dealing with his family problems and the death of people he loves.

What did you think: I loved this book. I thought it really showed how racism is still a current problem, and how someone could be hated for trying to better their lives. I loved the part with the pow wow dress, I thought it really showcased the exploitation of Native American art and culture and how people will do anything to make money, even by stealing their culture

Who would you recommend it to: anyone doubting their selves & their abilities

- M.R. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Forget Tomorrow

Pintip Dunn


4 stars.

Describe the book: in callies world, her future is already pre-determined on her 17th birthday just like everyone else. shes destined to be a criminal and in her vision she murders her sister and just like that they take her into this"limbo" in there,logan helps her escape prison and is on the run from what she will do and the gov. who gave her that,trying 2 save sis

What did you think: i think that this was an amazing read for me. i liked how it was sort of like in the giver where you have to wait and see what you will do for the rest of your life and the type of person you will be.

Who would you recommend it to: taste of romance, fiction lovers, series

- k.f. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

Stephen King


3 stars.

Describe the book: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon focuses on the life of nine-year-old Trisha McFarland, whose Saturday afternoon out with her mother and brother turns into an eight day nightmare when Trisha gets lost in the woods. Still dealing from the fallout of her parents' divorce, Trisha is feeling nonexistent.The book follows her adventure through the woods.

What did you think: I enjoyed the book, it was really confusing upon first read, but as I re-read it I began to develop a better understanding of the book itself and the underlying themes. My favorite part of the book is the introduction because the author tries a different approach to introducing the book by starting from the end rather than the beginning

Who would you recommend it to: Sci-fi lovers, adventure books

- S.R. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library


Ayn Rand


4 stars.

Describe the book: The book takes place in the future, in a "utopian" society. A guy designated as a street sweeper loves science and the discovery of things, though, so he find some old world technology and shows it to the "House of Scholars". After getting punished, he runs away with the love of his life cause she feels how he does. Then the live happily ever after

What did you think: The book was pretty good, I love science fiction so the style of this book. Ayn Rand uses a good vocabulary without her words being too unreasonably hard. I liked the part where they went into the forest and lived off the land together.

Who would you recommend it to: Science fiction lovers, lovers of Utopian books

- J.C. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Paper Towns

John Green


4 stars.

Describe the book: Quentin (Q) has spent most of his childhood and high school life admiring his neighbor Margo Roth Speigelman from his bedroom window. Then one night she decides to climb into his life via that bedroom window and take him on an adventure. As the adventure continues he realizes he wasn't the girl he thought she was, and he's more intrigued than ever.

What did you think: I love love loved it. The raw emotion each page held and the unforgettable words from the characters made the book even better.

Who would you recommend it to: anyone who loves adventure

- S.M. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Eleanor & Park

Rainbow Rowell


4 stars.

Describe the book: An absolutely beautiful story. there's a new girl at school named Eleanor,every hates her and thinks shes weird and it's like everyone's out to get her...and then there's the boy named Park. Park is a relatively well liked person at school who got stuck sitting next to her on his bus. As time goes on, they begin to become close friends.

What did you think: This book is an emotional roller coaster. Eleanor has a tough life and has to put up with so much with no escape due to the harassment both by her evil step-dad and her whole school save about 3 people. This book does a great job of familiarizing you with the characters and building a great love for them and their futures. Its just an amazing book.

Who would you recommend it to: Lovers of romance and comedy

- K.H. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

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