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Created by Kathleen at Mukilteo Library for Nichole.

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FICTION: Chick Lit

Created by Kathleen at Mukilteo Library for Nichole.

Peaches :   a novel Teen Book Peaches : a novel

Anderson, Jodi Lynn.

Three teenaged girls from very different backgrounds, thrown together to pick peaches in a Georgia orchard, spend a summer in pursuit of the right boy, the truest of friends, and the perfect peach.

Prom Teen Book Prom

Anderson, Laurie Halse.

Eighteen-year-old Ash wants nothing to do with the senior prom, but when disaster strikes and her desperate friend, Nat, needs her help to get it back on track, Ash's involvement transforms her life.

The Poison Apples Teen Book The Poison Apples

Archer, Lily.

At an elite Massachusetts boarding school, three fifteen-year-old girls of very different backgrounds discover a common bond and form a club to plot revenge against their evil stepmothers.

One night that changes everything Teen Book One night that changes everything

Barnholdt, Lauren.

A shy high school junior spends a frenzied night trying to retrieve her private notebook from a vengeful ex-boyfriend.

Hope was here Teen Book Hope was here

Bauer, Joan, 1951-

When sixteen-year-old Hope and the aunt who has raised her move from Brooklyn to Mulhoney, Wisconsin, to work as waitress and cook in the Welcome Stairways diner, they become involved with the diner owner's political campaign to oust the town's corrupt mayor.

Forever-- Teen Book Forever--

Blume, Judy.

Two high school seniors believe their love to be so strong that it will last forever.

The sisterhood of the traveling pants Teen Book The sisterhood of the traveling pants

Brashares, Ann.

Four best girlfriends spend the biggest summer of their lives enchanted by a magical pair of pants.

Beauty queens Teen Book Beauty queens

Bray, Libba.

When a plane crash strands thirteen teen beauty contestants on a mysterious island, they struggle to survive, to get along with one another, to combat the island's other diabolical occupants, and to learn their dance numbers in case they are rescued in time for the competition.

52 reasons to hate my father Teen Book 52 reasons to hate my father

Brody, Jessica.

On her 18th birthday, spoiled party girl Lexington Larrabee learns that her days of making tabloid headlines may be at an end when her ever-absent father decides she must learn some values by working a different, low-wage job every week for a year or forfeit her multimillion-dollar trust fund.

The princess diaries Teen Book The princess diaries

Cabot, Meg.

Mia, who is trying to lead a normal life as a teenage girl in New York City, is shocked to learn that her father is the Prince of Genovia, a small European principality, and that she is a princess and the heir to the throne.

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