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J-14 J-14
The #1 Teen Celebrity Magazine!

JAMA: the journal of the American Medical Association. With a stated mission "to promote the science and art of medicine and the betterment of the public health," the Journal of the American Medical Association is prescribed reading for physicians and other health-care professionals. First published in 1883, the renowned journal offers peer-reviewed clinical and laboratory articles on a wide range of medical topics, as well as examinations of controversial health-care issues and their ethical, legal, and societal implications. Features include the popular "A Piece of My Mind," offering reflections and observations from guest columnists; "JAMA 100 Years Ago," century-old medical insights with modern-day relevance; and healthy doses of news, analysis, book and journal reviews, nationwide job listings, and even poetry. --Andy Boynton

Jewelry stringing
"Jewelry Stringing is the ultimate resource for fashion-conscious jewelrymakers. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll be inspired by each issue’s beautiful collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings—all made using simple stringing and wireworking techniques! What’s more, Jewelry Stringing provides thorough step-by-step instructions, features about designing, and departments that will inform and motivate you in your bead-stringing adventures."--Publisher website.

Joe Weider's muscle and fitness Joe Weider's muscle and fitness
This is a lifestyle magazine for men and women interested in building their bodies and minds. It contains advice on getting in shape and staying fit. Each issue includes articles on exercise routines, diet, nutrition, sexual fitness, psychology, sports medicine, kinesiology, physiology, weight control and personal appearance.

Journal of light construction
"JLC is the #1 magazine for practical advice on what works, what doesn't, and why. Each monthly issue is packed with expert building tips & techniques to help you improve job quality, reduce costly callbacks, and excel at your craft"--Publisher website.

Ju bu saeng hwal Ju bu saeng hwal
Magazine containing information about homemaking, family and marriage, and fashion. Includes recipes and some short stories.

Justine. Justine.
Justine is the national lifestyle magazine for teen and tween girls with a "real girl" focus. The bi-monthly magazine is filled with fun, positive and empowering content including affordable fashion and beauty, skills to make high school life and the path to college a breeze, role-model-worthy celebs, more teen book reviews than any other magazine and profiles on teens who are changing the world! Our mission is to empower teen girls and help to foster self-esteem by providing useful life information presented in a positive and unwavering voice.

Juxtapoz Juxtapoz
Juxtapoz magazine presents a gallery of underground artists who influence much of the fashion, graphics, and new art we see today. Full color layouts featuring painters, sculptors, cartoonists and photographers are featured along with interviews, rare portfolios, sketches and reviews.

You're viewing 1- 8 of 8.

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