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Looking for something fun to do this summer? Try out some of these activities at home or in the library. Our library staff love to see what you've created! Don't be shy, show us what you've learned or created from these activities:

Learn a dance from a different culture. Need an idea? The library has lots of books and movies about dance. Just search our catalog or ask a staff member for help.

Gaming is a new sport. Play a game on our games page.

Read a book from our Explore Summer booklists that are all about sports facts and stories.

Grab some tape or sidewalk chalk and learn how to play hopscotch. Here are some easy instructions.

Have someone read a book to you. You are never too old to listen to a story!

Achi is a popular game in Ghana. Print out this page and learn how to play it.

Write a poem and read it to a friend, family member or pet.

Find a book in the library about riddles and learn some new riddles to share with friends and family.

Learn simple yoga poses. Try the warrior pose, or the boat, or even the flamingo.

Create a silly retelling of the Aesop fable The Tortoise and the Hare by filling in the blanks.

Take your summer adventure to the next level! Sign in to Beanstack to earn online badges for all the summer activities you are doing this summer. Look for the Explore Summer Learning Tracks to begin unlocking your badges.


Can you help the roller skater get to the finish line?

Find the hidden pictures.

Color your own car.

Grab a piece of paper and follow these instructions to fold a hawkeye paper airplane. Looking for more designs? Ask a library staff member to help you find books on paper airplanes.

Complete this word search about circus performers.

Color the little mouse and her houses.

Color stick puppets and create your own story with them.

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