Could It Be Your Lucky Day? Try Our Express Collection from CloudLibrary

By Kim

There is something vaguely intimidating about a popular new book’s massive hold queue. Who among us hasn’t heard about the latest bestseller and rushed to our local library to check it out only to discover that we’ll be number 312 in the hold queue?  It seems like an eternity passes before the book lands in our hands or arrives on our devices. Though hold queues are a necessary aspect of #librarylife, it’s all worth it when you can finally delve into a book you’ve been anticipating for weeks. There’s only one thing that could possibly top that moment: Snagging that popular library book without having to wait in its massive hold queue.

It’s like noticing a grocery store cashier is about to open up a new register and maneuvering to be first in line. There’s a quiet feeling of triumph as your gaze skims over the languishing crowd in their long, slow moving lines while you’ve already checked out and are heading for the exit.

Enter the Express Collection, opens a new window. It’s like an express lane for Sno-Isle’s most high-demand titles. New York Times bestsellers, books featured on NPR, the latest celebrity book club book, you name it. And the best thing? All you need is your card number and PIN. But just like an express lane at the grocery store limits how many items you can have in your shopping cart, with Sno-Isle’s Express Collection, you can only check out two items for up to seven days. This helps get our popular titles to as many people as possible so that what you see is what’s immediately available. And if, on the occasion the book you’re after isn’t available, check back frequently because a copy is sure to pop up.

Sno-Isle Libraries offers the Express Collection, opens a new window through CloudLibrary and it’s constantly changing as new titles are added every week--but don’t worry about missing out. Any titles found in the Express Collection are also available through Overdrive. And for those voracious readers out there who are always looking for the next big thing, here’s a quick pro tip: frequently browse the “Too Hot to Stay on the Shelf” collection for those must-have books that no one can seem to get their hands on. New titles are added each day as books get published.

Happy Reading!