Exploring Neurodiversity: Dyspraxia

By Christal

Dyspraxia, also known as developmental coordination disorder, is a lifelong condition affecting fine and gross motors skills as well as speech and memory. It can impact daily life activities. Everyone with dyspraxia experiences it differently. Come check out some of the books and learn more about dyspraxia today!

Living With Dyspraxia

Mary Colley was diagnosed with dyspraxia, as well as ADHD and dyslexia, in her mid-forties. She helped set up the Dyspraxia Foundation Adult Support Group, and achieved a Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties at the Hornsby Centre. This book is written to help all adults with dyspraxia tackle the everyday situations that many people take for granted. It offers practical advice on everything from getting a diagnosis to learning how to manage household chores.

Where's My Pen?

This book aims to provide a down to earth look at dyspraxia and includes personal experiences to help encourage people to fulfill their goals in life. Sarah Johns has a keen interest in learning difficulties, especially dyspraxia and includes her personal experiences of depression and dyspraxia in the hope it will help others live life in a positive way.

Can I Tell You About Dyspraxia?

Author Maureen Boon retired as Head teacher of Vranch House, an independent school for children with physical disabilities in Exeter which provides therapeutic interventions for children with movement and associated disorders such as cerebral palsy and dyspraxia. In this title, a child named Marco invites readers to learn about dyspraxia from his perspective, helping them to understand what it is and what it feels like when he sometimes struggles to control his movement and co-ordination.