Reference Solutions from Data Axle for Nonprofits 

By Ruth

The Reference Solutions database can help you with fundraising for your nonprofit.  

Using the U.S. Consumers / Lifestyles search, click on the Advanced Search tab, then take note of the many filters available in the left column. Checking the box next to “Lifestyles” opens up a menu with a variety of interests. In the example below, I’ve expanded the category, “Charitable Donor,” and checked the box for “Wildlife & Environment Donor.” 

Next, use the filters in the left column to define your geography. In the upper right, click the blue  “UPDATE COUNT” button, then the green “VIEW RESULTS” button to see names and contact information of people with an interest in Wildlife Conservation. This can be used to create a mailing list to reach out to potential donors. 

For more help on using this or other Sno-Isle resources, contact the library. We’re here to help!