Need help downloading an e-book? Not sure where to start on a research project? Want special coaching on basic computer skills? Arrange for a personalized session with a library professional at any Sno-Isle Libraries community library.

The Book-a-Librarian sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual. A library staff member will give undivided attention to customers who want in-depth technical assistance on topics such as starting an email account, browsing the library's catalog, downloading e-books and audiobooks, searching the Internet, using electronic databases through the Sno-Isle website, or other computer basics.

Other, non-technical topics are also available for Book-a-Librarian sessions, including personalized help with a research project or helping you discover new books and authors that match your taste and interests.

Sno-Isle librarians are trained information professionals. If a staff member with expertise in a customer's area of interest is not available at their preferred community library, Sno-Isle Libraries will find a staff member in another Sno-Isle community to help you.