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SPORTS: Soccer

SPORTS: Soccer

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Soccer around the world book Soccer around the world

West, Tracey, 1965-

Maya and Miguel learn from soccer star Eddie Johnson how soccer is played around the world.

Play soccer Juvenile Book Play soccer

Saunders, Catherine.
J 796.334 SAUNDER

Step-by-step photographs and helpful text introduce the game of soccer, including expert coaching tips, from basic techniques to advanced game skills and tactics.

Soccer Juvenile Book Soccer

Gifford, Clive.
J 796.334 GIFFORD

What is soccer? -- The pitch and play -- Training and clothing -- Passing the ball -- Receiving the ball -- Movement in play -- Attacking play -- Shooting -- Heading -- Goalkeeping -- Defending -- Tackling -- Set pieces.

Strikers Juvenile Book Strikers

Stone, Lynn M.
J 796.334 STONE

The striker -- The striker's skills -- So, you want to be a striker?

The playground problem book The playground problem

McNamara, Margaret.

Mrs. Connor's first grade class has a problem on the playground--the boys won't let the girls play on their soccer teams. So the girls form their own team and don't let the boys join in.

Making the save Juvenile Book Making the save

Peters, Stephanie True, 1965-

SOCCER 'CATS SERIES. Bucky Pinter wants his team to give Coach Bradley a present on the day of the Soccer 'Cats last game. Unfortunately, what the kids want to buy is expensive. Bucky comes up with a way for them to earn the money they need, but will one disgruntled teammate ruin it all and spoil the surprise?

The big game book The big game

Gikow, Louise.

A child who has trouble with some of the soccer skills finds an important role as goalie.

My life as a stupendously stomped soccer star Juvenile Book My life as a stupendously stomped soccer star

Myers, Bill, 1953-

Enabled by an overactive imagination to make his every wish come true, Wally becomes the world's greatest soccer player, but he soon realizes that God's plans for himself and the world may be better than his own.

Soccer song book Soccer song

Giff, Patricia Reilly.

Jill's friends know that she has strong arms and hands and so when she is learning to play soccer, they help her to find a position in which she can excel.

Double fake Juvenile Book Double fake

Wallace, Rich.

Two friends look forward to a season of soccer with the YMCA summer league.

Beans Baker's best shot book Beans Baker's best shot

Torrey, Rich.

When Beans hurts his leg in soccer practice right before the big championship game, his best friend Chester thinks it' s all his fault! Beans may not be able to play in the game, but he can still play an important role on the team when he cheers up-- and cheers on-- Chester.

Soccer chick rules Juvenile Book Soccer chick rules

FitzGerald, Dawn.

While trying to focus on a winning soccer season, thirteen-year-old Tess becomes involved in local politics when she learns that all sports programs at her school will be stopped unless a tax levy is passed.

Soccer hero Juvenile Book Soccer hero

Peters, Stephanie True, 1965-

Rob Lasher is just an ordinary soccer player. Then one afternoon, he saves his coachs life. Suddenly, hes the teams hero. As everyone continues to laud his heroic act, Rob soon realizes he doesnt want the attention--or any unearned accolades that go with it.

Gym shorts.  Goof-off goalie Juvenile Book Gym shorts. Goof-off goalie

Hicks, Betty.

Ten-year-old Goose is best at goofing off, but when he decides to become the goalie for their soccer team, his friend Henry sets up a practice schedule and enlists their other friends to help Goose improve his skills.

Kickoff Juvenile Book Kickoff

King, Donna, 1949-

The only thing American Tyra Fraser likes about her new school in Yorkshire, England is getting to play for the school's soccer team. But Tyra's ability on the field brings trouble in the form of a jealous teammate who tries to stop Tyra from taking her place as the school's top player.

Getting into soccer Juvenile Book Getting into soccer

Thomas, Ron, 1947-
J 796.334 THOMAS

Getting into Soccer is like a mini sports manual that provides you with all you need to know to get started with soccer. It also introduces the beginner to the basic skills and techniques required to play the game well.

David Beckham book David Beckham

Bradley, Jeff.

Lights, Camera, Action! ; Kicking in the Park ; Living the Dream ; The Highs and Lows ; Career Statistics

Davy, soccer star! book Davy, soccer star!

Weninger, Brigitte.

The Wild Rabbits want to win the Big Bad Badger Soccer Challenge Game.

Goalies Juvenile Book Goalies

Stone, Lynn M.
J 796.3342 STONE

Pelé, king of soccer =   Pelé, el rey del fútbol book Pelé, king of soccer = Pelé, el rey del fútbol

Brown, Monica, 1969-

A picture biography in English and Spanish of soccer star Pelé.

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