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SPECIAL TOPICS: Transportation: Cars, Trucks and Trains

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Farmer Dale's red pickup truck book Farmer Dale's red pickup truck

Wheeler, Lisa, 1963-

Brimming with raucous, rhythmic language, this exuberant story about a farmer hauling his load of hay into town, where he meets some bossy barnyard animals looking for a lift, is certain to become a read-aloud favorite.

Fire engine man book Fire engine man

Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing.

Dressed from head to toe in special gear, the fire engine man drives his trusty fire truck to the scene and puts the fire out. It's all in a day's work for this brave firefighter. Told in simple words from a little boy's point of view, this action-packed picture book celebrates a child's world of adventure.

Giant dump trucks book Giant dump trucks

Mezzanotte, Jim.
E 629.225 MEZZANO

All about dump trucks.

Hey Mr. Choo-Choo, where are you going? book Hey Mr. Choo-Choo, where are you going?

Wickberg, Susan.

A train engine hauls his cars from the city to the sea, answering questions about what he is pulling, seeing, and hearing along the way.

How to draw cars and trucks Juvenile Book How to draw cars and trucks

Court, Rob, 1956-
J 743.8962 COURT

Young artists discover tools and tips that make drawing cars and trucks a breeze. Clearly illustrated explanations of horizon lines and vanishing points help explain the concept of perspective while students learn to draw using guidelines. As their skills improve, students will see that anyone can learn to draw—it just takes practice!

I love trucks! book I love trucks!

Sturges, Philemon.
E 629.224 STURGES

From the vibrant yellow of a bulldozer to the long arm of a cherry picker, toddlers will find delight in this brightly illustrated board book featuring trucks and machinery of all kinds.

In the driver's seat book In the driver's seat

Haynes, Max.

A driving lesson becomes a wild ride through countryside and city streets, with an unexpected conclusion.

Minerva Louise and the red truck book Minerva Louise and the red truck

Stoeke, Janet Morgan.

Minerva Louise is back--and this time she's taking her show on the road. The intrepid but airhead hen is off on a joyride in the back of the farm's red truck. And what a lot there is to see! In her usual fashion, she mistakes golfers for farmers digging and a construction site for a playground for trucks.

My car book My car

Barton, Byron.

My car has wheels. My car has gas. The horn goes beep. Come take a ride.

My trucks book My trucks

Hall, Kirsten.

While a little boy plays with his toy trucks, he imagines driving various real trucks, such as a fire engine, a farm pickup, and an ice cream wagon.

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