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Crossing lines Teen Book Crossing lines

Volponi, Paul.

High school senior Adonis struggles to do the right thing when his fellow football players escalate their bullying of a new classmate, Alan, who is transgendered.

Drama Juvenile Book Drama

Telgemeier, Raina.

Callie is a passionate theater geek who plunges into her middle school’s production of “Moon Over Mississippi” with enthusiasm for all things theater: sets, props, lighting – you name it, she’s on it. When twins Justin and Jesse join the cast, Callie quickly develops a crush on one, a friendship with the other, who is gay.

Rainbow List 2013 Top Ten

Batwoman. Volume 1, Hydrology book Batwoman. Volume 1, Hydrology

Williams, J. H., III.

Kate Kane, drummed out of the military under the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” regulations, continues her fight as Batwoman in the dark streets of Gotham.

If I told you so book If I told you so

Woodward, Timothy.

A summer job at a dockside ice cream shop dishes up more excitement than 16 year old Sean expected: late night pranks, a bold new friend from New York, and a serious crush on his supervisor, Jay. Young love and ice cream combine in this sweet and witty summer romance.

Wandering son. Volume two Teen Book Wandering son. Volume two

Shimura, Takako, 1973-

Shuichi spends his grandmother’s cash gift on a special present that leads to his sister finding out his secret, leading to disastrous consequences. But can Shuichi find the strength and courage to withstand the trials that are to come?

Way to go Teen Book Way to go

Ryan, Tom, 1977-

High school junior Danny looks forward to a relaxing summer vacation with his two best friends, but a run-in with the local police has his mother insisting he find a summer job. Work in the new restaurant in town brings friendship with Lisa, a tattooed free spirit who helps him accept his true self.

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe Teen Book Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe

Sa?enz, Benjamin Alire.

Dante and Aristotle are opposites in almost every way but, nevertheless, the two boys are best friends, almost like two halves making a whole. Saenz’ lyrical novel examines the bonds of friendship and the uncertainties and saving graces of love.

Rainbow List 2013 Top Ten

37 things I love (in no particular order) Teen Book 37 things I love (in no particular order)

Magoon, Kekla.

Bullied by her best friend and facing the impending death of her father, Ellis finds hope through a new therapist and in her emerging relationship with Cara.

Lola and the boy next door Teen Book Lola and the boy next door

Perkins, Stephanie.

Sixteen year old (going on seventeen) Lola Nolan lives in San Francisco’s Castro district with her two fathers. She spends her time creating lavish costumes, working, avoiding the mean girls at school, and hanging out with her 22-year-old musician boyfriend, Max. Life is good – until the heartbreaks of her past come back to her present.

Gone, gone, gone Teen Book Gone, gone, gone

Moskowitz, Hannah.

This quiet love story is set in 2002, as random and deadly sniper fire has Washington DC under siege. Craig and Lio are drawn together, yet the recent trauma of 9/11 has them at odds, with Craig’s emotions on hold and Lio at a growing distance from his own feelings.

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