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Name: Anna K.

Location: Camano Island Library

About: I just finished my freshman year at Stanwood High School. I have moved around a lot in my life but my family settled down in Washington about three years ago, and I like it here. My passions include writing and cosplay. I have two dogs and am currently working on two novels that I hope will one day be published. I love being at the library because I get to help people and plan programs. My favorite program so far has been Camano-Con, which I came up with. I want to attend a STEM-focused university after high school and become and engineer.

Why volunteer with the library? The library is a fantastic resource that I discovered in fourth grade, when I began volunteering some of my lunch and recess time with my school’s library. My best friend and I enjoyed shelving books and cleaning, as well as helping our fellow students find books to enjoy. Ever since then, I have found libraries to be invaluable.

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