Edmonds Library Virtual Tour

Get to know your new library!

(1) Novel Navigations

Welcome to your Grand Opening Tour of our newly renovated Edmonds Library! As you wander through this literary wonderland, you might find yourself thinking, “Is this a library or a portal to Narnia?” This is just the power of your imagination at work. So, grab a book, and enjoy a cozy nook while basking in the glow of our new and improved lighting. Get ready as we shed light on your library …

(2) Circulation Desk

Need a book? A recommendation? Behold the Circulation desk, the heartbeat of our library! This is your one-stop shop for literary enlightenment. Approach with questions, leave with answers … and books, lots of books. You can check out 300 to be exact! We’re circulating good vibes and epic tales. Your adventure starts here!

(3) Community Art Wall

A vibrant canvas where local artists turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Every piece is a testament to the creativity within our community. This gallery is curated by the City of Edmonds Art Commission. Stop by monthly to be inspired and awed by our local artists.

(4) The Business Center

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi. Check. Computers and abundance of power outlets. Check. Printing without worrying about running out of ink. Check. The business center is where ideas are born, presentations come to life, and numbers are crunched. The only thing more dynamic than our business center is the creativity it inspires.

(5) Work Stations

Much like Goldilocks, we want your desk to be “just right” for you. We are on a mission to overthrow discomfort! Our desks are ergonomic and adjust to the height that suits you, sitting or standing. They are the unsung heroes of productivity. Settle in, get comfortable, and stay awhile.

(6) New Focus Room

Get ready for laser-sharp focus! Enter this haven for distraction dodgers, collaborators, and productivity enthusiasts alike. This new space opens a world of possibilities from tutoring sessions to calling your doctor to interviewing for your next job.

(7) New Large Meeting Room

Welcome to the future of meetings. Got the goods but nowhere to gather? Have no fear - the new, large meeting room is here! This reservable community meeting space uses the latest tech; comfortable, mobile seating; and floor-to-ceiling partitions to create a comfortable, productive, private meeting space for your next group function.

(8) Variety of Seating Options

Take a seat, any seat! Whether you are a recliner, throne seeker, or stool scholar, we’ve got the perfect spot for you. From cozy nooks to cooking up ideas in the booths, you will be able to find an accessible and comfortable spot. Sit back, relax, and coast into another world of comfort.

(9) Collection of Stories

Warning: our collection may cause laughter, mystery and intrigue, and the urge to start or join a book club. Get ready to turn the page on your next adventure! Browse the collection and explore the 732 new books on the shelves. Not sure where to start? We are standing by to help you find your future favorites with customized reading recommendations. Make sure to take a moment to look up from your book and check out the amazing views of the Edmonds waterfront. The lower shelves are sure to give you a whole new perspective!

(10) Teen Area

With funky new furniture that can be configured for singles or groups, this new area is totally for teens! Take a seat, enjoy the view, research a homework assignment, or read for fun. This area is perfect for laughter and having fun with friends.

(11) Mural and Children’s Area

A space where young readers and big imaginations come together! We created a cozy section to read together and set the stage for an epic tale. Who knew the floor could be the coziest place to be! As you take your magical carpet ride, enjoy the setting sun on the mural which was inspired by Bluey.

(12) Interactive Light Wall

If walls could talk, they would really shine. No, really! This high-tech canvas is waiting for you to unleash a kaleidoscope of colors. Light up your creativity and imagination with fun, educational games like Balloon Pop!, Spelling, and Bubble Bounce. Who knew walls could be this much fun?

(13) The Pebble

It’s more than a play structure, it’s a portal to another world. Get ready to let your creativity run wild. Early literacy and imaginative play are the dynamic duo, like Batman and Robin or peanut butter and jelly, of a child’s development. The “Pebble” was designed and built by Northwest contractors to be very versatile – it is a pirate ship, a rocket, a cave, and so much more. Where will your trip to the library take you today?