DemographicsNow for NonProfits 

By Ruth

Did you know that DemographicsNow has a NonProfit search? It’s a great way to look for partners and opportunities for collaboration.  

Start at the Business & Finance page, then click on Gale Business: DemographicsNow 

On the DemographicsNow landing page, start by choosing your geographic area with the “GeoFilter” (for example, type in a city, then choose from the suggestions that appear below the search box:  

Next, click on the PEOPLE & COMPANIES tab, and choose List Type “NonProfit List”: 

There are many ways to search. In this example, I am searching by “Activity Codes,” and choosing “Conservation.”  

Once I perform my search, I find two organizations in the Everett area working on conservation: 

  • Adopt-a-Stream Foundation 
  • Silver Lake Action Committee 

Check the box next to an Organization and click on DETAILS for more information, such as its focus, size, contact name, and more.  

This is just one way to use DemographicsNow to find important information for your nonprofit organization. Please schedule a Book-a-Librarian appointment for one-on-one assistance using this, or any other Sno-Isle resource.