Meet Milton Maverick, the Mill Creek Library Mountain Beaver

By Christa

Recently, there was a rare sighting of the elusive Mountain Beaver through the beautiful windows at the back of the Mill Creek Library. How amazing to have one of these creatures, the most primitive of all living rodents, burrowing about in the woods and wetland behind the library!

After staff submitted and voted on suitable names for this interesting mammal, we opened up the top three names for selection to the community and Mill Creekers chose “Milton”!

Seeing this bundle of fur bustling about and stripping every single rhododendron of anything green, we just had to learn more, and you can too!

World Book Online – Student Edition

The Wily Survivor – The World’s Most Primitive Rodent Digs It Here – The Seattle Times, February 8, 2009

We hope you enjoy learning more about Milton Maverick the Mill Creek Library Mountain Beaver with these subscription resources, which are free with your library card!

Please stop by the Mill Creek Library to see the natural habitat and beautiful space we share with Milton (and the bunnies, and the birds...).