Future Lake Stevens Library Project Overview

The Lake Stevens Library has provided service to the community for over 75 years. The library is currently located in a temporary location at 2211 Grade Road providing continued library services. Sno-Isle Libraries has secured $3.1 million in state grants for the construction of a new library, with the support of State Sen. John Lovick. The funds have matching requirements, which the library district is committed to securing or providing. Read all of the news and updates about the Future Lake Stevens Library

Making way for your library 

Sno-Isle Libraries' priority is partnering with the growing community to complete plans for a new library on our property in the Chapel Hill neighborhood.  Following our initial community outreach in 2021, the community emphasized the new library should have the capacity to serve all residents of Lake Stevens, especially the growing population of young families. The Lake Stevens community identified the following features for a new library as especially important:  

  • public outdoor spaces 
  • dedicated children’s area with an emphasis on early learning 
  • meeting spaces 

Community input will continue to be integral to the new library. 

How is the project funded? 

  • $1,100,000 WA State Local Community Project Funding 
  • $2,000,000 WA State Library Capital Improvement Grant 

Sno-Isle Libraries is approaching funding capital projects in ways that reflect and align with each community. We are optimizing funding by pursuing a combination of sources – grant funding, capital campaigns and regular levy funds – reducing the reliance on public bond elections. 

Architect for the Project 



Read all the news and updates for the Future Lake Stevens Library.

Project Overview 

  • May 2024: Bidding and construction documents are being reviewed and finalized. Look for project representatives at community events this summer to ask questions and share ideas!
  • April 2024: The bidding and construction documents are being prepared. The building permit and land use application remain under city review. 
  • March 2024: The permitting process continues with the submission of the building permit to the city, and the land use development application in the city's review stage. The project is entering the final design phase.
  • February 2024: The Library is working on building permit documentation. Gathering feedback on the updated designs with community partners like the Friends of the Library. 
  • January 2024: The permitting process has begun with the submission of the land use development application to the City of Lake Stevens. 
  • December 2023: Updated designs were presented to the community.
  • October 2023: Structural and engineering details are being developed and drafting the Design Review documentation for city approval.
  • June 2023: First look at the design concepts were released. 
  • March 2023: Clearing the site to make way for the new library.
  • January 2023: We selected Northend Excavating to clear the Chapel Hill property through a competitive bidding process.
  • October 2022: Site preparation and analysis of the property began. These evaluations will provide the information needed to proceed with site preparation and library design. 
  • August 2022: The architecture firm BuildingWork has been hired to design the new library on the Chapel Hill property.
  • April 2022: The search began for an architecture and engineering firm. 
  • Spring and Summer 2022: Sno-Isle Libraries conducted a series of community conversations to reconnect and better understand the wants and needs for the future Lake Stevens Library. 
  • Spring 2022: The City of Lake Stevens will not pursue the Civic Center Campus partnership and will look to surplus their parcels.
  • August 2021: Set up a temporary location at 2211 Grade Road to provide uninterrupted library services throughout the construction process. 
  • July 2021: Sno-Isle Libraries secured $3.1 million in state grants, with the support of Senator John Lovick. The funds have a matching requirement, which the library district is committed to securing or providing.
  • May - August 2021: Pop-up Library at Lundeen Park.
  • May 2021: The previous City-owned library building was vacated to support the development of the City of Lake Stevens’s North Cove Park Project.  
  • February 2021: Community conversations with consultants Stowe Development & Strategies exploring designs for a civic center campus.   
  • December 2020: Online Survey launched with the City of Lake Stevens as a part of the Chapel Hill Civic Center process.
  • Fall 2020 - April 2021: Chapel Hill Civic Center exploratory process with the City of Lake Stevens. Three concepts were revealed for Lake Stevens Civic Center Campus.
  • February 2018: Lake Stevens Library Capital Facility Area bond election.
  • February 2017: Lake Stevens Library Capital Facility Area bond election.
  • September 2016: Sno-Isle Libraries  purchased Chapel Hill property, 99th Avenue NE and Market Place.

Built for you, inspired by you. 

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