Arlington Library Remodel Project Overview

Reimagine your library

The Arlington Library Remodel is underway; the replacement of the roof kickstarted the upgrades. The project will include an extension to the south side of the building to add approximately 4,500 square feet, and the existing building will be remodeled inside and out. The new space will be fully accessible, include an HVAC system, improved energy efficiency and sustainability, and provide more usable space for the community to enjoy.

Out goal is to reimagine the library to ensure the space meets the community's needs for years to come. The current designs include feedback from the community:

  • Building infrastructure (HVAC)
  • Accessibility/ADA improvements to the building and property
  • Parking lot accessibility improvements
  • Increased usable space
  • Flexibility for a variety of programs and activities
  • Accessible outdoor space
  • Community gathering and meeting spaces
  • Focused work areas and study rooms
  • Quiet areas
  • Enhanced children and teen area
  • Public computer and technology access

The design draws inspiration from Arlington and its history, including the cedar plank houses traditionally built by the Stillaguamish Tribe. The natural surroundings inspired the interior design and color palette. 

The design concepts reflect the priorities Sno-Isle Libraries heard from our community through customers visiting the library, conversations with partners, and an online survey. The Arlington Library remodel will create a welcoming space for the community to enjoy for years to come. 

How is the project funded?

  • The project is funded by a generous bequeathment, the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation, and Sno-Isle Libraries. 
  • $867,000 from the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation.

Sno-Isle Libraries is approaching funding capital projects in ways that reflect and align with each community. We are optimizing funding by pursuing a combination of sources – grant funding, capital campaigns, regular levy funds – and reducing the reliance on public bond elections.

Architect for the Project

MSR Design

Project Overview

  • March 2024 Regulatory, design, and project planning work will likely consume the rest of 2024. 
  • February 2024 The Library continues to work with the City on their annual Comprehensive Planning process, specifically on the rezoning of library property. This process is expected to take until late spring. 
  • January 2024 The City of Arlington is working on the design review, zoning, and permitting to ensure the plans meet regulations. 
  • October 2023 Developing the structural and engineering details of the new building design and working with the City of Arlington to confirm all building requirements are in place.
  • February 2023 Our community came together to see the first look of the Arlington Library remodel design concepts. Feedback is sought from the community. 
  • October – November 2022 Sno-Isle Libraries listened to the community to collect feedback and comments, including an online survey and in library display.
  • September 2022 Arlington Library Open House event.
  • July 2022 Launch of Remodel Project.
  • April 2022 Roof Replacement Project.
  • 2021 City of Arlington transfers ownership of the Arlington Library to Sno-Isle Libraries.
  • 1999 City of Arlington voters approve annexation to Sno-Isle Libraries District.
  • 1994 Remodel of Arlington Library through HUD Grant.
  • 1981 The City of Arlington construction of the Arlington Library.

Built for you, inspired by you.

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