Nostalgia is nothing new – a “Gay ’90s” event from 1950

Employees of the Lorenson Food Store in Snohomish, Washington posing for a "Gay '90's" promotional sale for Libby's canned goods in 1950.

With hats, fake mustaches, and bonnets for the ladies, nostalgia has often been used as a promotion in all eras. In 1950, older customers would definitely have still remembered the 1890s!

The Lorenson Food Store, owned and operated by Melvin C. Lorenson, was located in the building on the corner of First Street and Avenue A. The building was originally built as the Princess Theater. The original steel doors of the theater were still in the back room at the time this photograph was taken.

Persons from left to right: clerk Clara Torgeson, clerk Norma Heck, employee James R. Holmes, unidentified butcher, butcher Chet Day, unidentified customer, owner Melvin C. Lorenson.

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