Public computers, printing and copying


Computers at Sno-Isle Libraries

Sno-Isle Libraries provides access to public desktop computers or laptops in all community libraries. All computers/laptops include Windows 10, Office 2016, web browsers and other software. Customers use their library account information to log in to a computer. Customers without a library card may request a day pass for computer use.


Customers logging in to a computer are guaranteed a minimum session time. When no one is waiting, the customer may extend the session. When a queue of waiting customers forms, customers will receive notifications and reminders that their session is ending. Customers waiting for a computer add their names to a queuing list and receive access to the next available computer.


Internet access on library computers is filtered by age according to a customer's account. Sno-Isle Libraries complies with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Children and teenagers under 17 receive filtered access. Adults receive unfiltered access. Filtered access is not provided by Sno-Isle Libraries for customers using their own device to access the internet.


Customers may send documents from anywhere, using any computer to a print queue at a public printer/copier at any Sno-Isle Libraries community library. Customers access the service by logging in to "Web Printing" using their library account information. The customer then goes to the selected library to release the files for printing. Printing in both color and black & white is available.

Email-to-print is available. This service will print most file types (PDF, picture files and Microsoft Office documents), but not the email itself. Email-to-print jobs must be released for printing by the customer at the selected library.

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Public printer/copiers that can produce both color and black & white are available at all community libraries.


Public printer/copies include a scan feature, which can be used to save scanned documents to a USB drive.

Paying for prints/copies

Customers will have available the equivalent of $7 worth of printing and/or copying per week on their library account. Printing and copying can be in black & white or color. Black & white prints/copies are charged at 10-cents per page and color prints/copies are charged at 50-cents per page.

If the weekly account amount is insufficient for the cost of the requested printing/copying, the customer will be prompted to pay at the payment acceptor attached to the printer/copier. Payment may be made in cash or with a credit/debit card.

The weekly printing allowance cannot be converted to cash and unused amounts do not carry over from week to week. 

Remote Printing

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