Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy

Sno-Isle Libraries Board Policy


To express the roles and responsibilities of Sno-Isle Libraries staff and volunteers in supporting excellent library services for customers.


Volunteers extend and enhance library services in Sno-Isle communities. The volunteer program exists to support the work of Sno-Isle Libraries by providing an opportunity for citizens to volunteer and make positive contributions to their quality of life and their community.

Volunteers provide assistance and support to Sno-Isle Libraries, and are not intended to replace existing staff.


Volunteers are defined as community members who give time and talent to the Library without compensation or remuneration.
Staff are defined as paid employees.
Staff liaisons are defined as staff assigned to work with volunteers.

Roles and responsibilities
Sno-Isle Libraries will administer and coordinate the Library's volunteer program.
Staff liaisons will provide training, clear work direction, opportunities for personal growth, and supervision on a regular basis.
All staff will support and recognize the work of volunteers.
Volunteers will be represent the Library with a commitment to excellent customer service, respect, and shall abide by the Libraries' policies and values.
Volunteers and staff will work in partnership with each other showing mutual cooperation, respect, understanding, and acceptance of each other's role.
Sno-Isle Libraries will regularly review, assess, and report on the contributions of volunteers to the Board of Trustees.
The Board of Trustees will regularly recognize the work of volunteers and express its appreciation.

Policy History

Date approved: 6/2020
Next review date: 6/2024
Adopted: 2012 (formerly Volunteer Recognition Policy)

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