Donation Policy

Donation Policy

Sno-Isle Libraries Board Policy


Sno-Isle Libraries welcomes and encourages donations. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to those who wish to support Sno-Isle Libraries through a financial or other donation.


The scope of this policy includes Sno-Isle Libraries donation principles, defines roles and responsibilities, and outlines the implementation for accepting donations made to Sno-Isle Libraries.

This scope of this policy does not include donations of real estate.


  • Donations are welcomed and valued expressions of individual support for Sno-Isle Libraries and its vision that everyone in our community is connected to their library.
  • Donations enhance the library's services and programs.
  • Financial donations enhance Sno-Isle Libraries, but do not replace public tax support.
  • Planned gifts contribute to the legacy and sustain the vision and mission of Sno-Isle Libraries.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Executive Director, or designee, has the authority and responsibility to accept donations that have a clear benefit and relevance to the Library's initiatives.
  • Significant donations will be reported to the Board of Trustees who will thank the donor.
  • The Library does not establish or verify the value of donated items. All donated items are outright gifts to the Library.


Library supporters are encouraged to make financial donations to the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation or to the individual Friends of the Library groups.

The Board of Trustees encourages library supporters to consider planned giving opportunities.

The Board of Trustees' Collection Development Policy is the basis for staff decisions about adding materials to the collection. The decision to accept the donation of materials is made by designated staff. Donated items become the property of Sno-Isle Libraries, which has the final decision on retention, location, and disposition.

Gifts to enhance library buildings not owned by Sno-Isle Libraries, may be made to the city or entity which owns the building, in accordance with local policy and/or regulations and in coordination with Sno-Isle Libraries.

The donor of the gift may qualify for a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code; however, the Library District does not establish or verify the value of donated items. Donors are referred to their tax consultant for any questions.

Associated Policies

Process This policy is reviewed by the Executive Director (or designee) every four (4) years, or more frequently as needed. Recommendations are forwarded to a Board of Trustees committee. The committee reviews and revises as necessary, endorses, and advances to the full Board of Trustees for approval.

Policy History

Date Approved: July 27, 2020
Next review date: 2024
Date Adopted: 2018 (Formerly Library Materials – Gift Policy)

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