Collection Development Guidelines

Collection Development Guidelines

Collection Selection

The Collection Development Guidelines provide the framework for implementing the Sno-Isle Libraries (Library District) Board Collection Development Policy. The Library District is committed to supporting intellectual freedom by providing a popular materials collection that reflects a diversity of cultures, views, and opinions.

The Library District also recognizes that physical space, availability of material, and a finite budget impose limits to the amount of material in the collection. Collection Development staff use selection criteria to evaluate materials and decide what will be included in the collection. Selection criteria applies to all materials being considered for the collection, both purchased and donated. Selected items meet at least one collection selection criteria.

Selection Criteria

  • Alignment with the Library District’s collection priorities.
  • Data or evidence of on-going likely demand by the Sno-Isle community, such as number of customer requests, circulation of similar material, vendor sales data, and/or media promotion.
  • Support of the Library District's commitment to Intellectual Freedom and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).
  • Reviews or critical acclaim.
  • Long-term or historical significance; replaced as needed based on customer demand and use.
  • Timeliness, accuracy, or relevance of information.
  • Cost, especially in light of anticipated long-term demand.
  • Availability of similar materials, both physical and digital.
  • Availability from the Library District’s vendors.
  • Format, including durability and suitability of the physical format for library shelving.

Digital Formats

Digital materials and resources are chosen using established selection criteria, with additional considerations unique to these formats.

  • User interface experience.
  • Format compatibility with common devices and operating systems.
  • Vendor privacy practices.
  • Vendor technical support.

World Languages

World languages materials and resources are chosen using established selection criteria, with additional considerations unique to these materials.

The Library District collects materials in languages other than English, including collections dedicated to a specific language and bilingual materials. World Language collections are identified by analyzing community data, community feedback, and guidance from staff in the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion department and multilingual staff.

Collection Maintenance

The collection is reviewed and evaluated on an ongoing basis to maintain relevancy, community interest, and physical condition. The Library District does not maintain an archival collection. Reviewed items may be kept in the collection, repurchased, moved to another area of the collection, or withdrawn.

Collection Maintenance Criteria

  • Timeliness, accuracy, or relevance of information.
  • Customer demand/usage.
  • Material type.
  • Format or physical condition.
  • Completeness of sets/series.
  • Number of copies in the collection.
  • Availability of similar materials.
  • Long-term or historical significance.
  • Availability of space for physical items.
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