Library Administrative Policies Policy

Library Administrative Policies Policy

Sno-Isle Libraries Board Policy


The purpose of this policy to set the role of the Board of Trustees in overseeing Library Administrative Policies for Sno-Isle Libraries (Library).


The scope of this policy includes all Sno-Isle Libraries Administrative Policies approved by the Sno-Isle Libraries' Leadership Team and implemented by designated staff.


Library Administrative Policies will comply with all federal and state laws.

Library Administrative Policies will embody the values of Sno-Isle Libraries and support the attraction, retention, and development of staff.

Any proposed changes to Library Administrative Policies that significantly impact the annual budget will be reviewed with the Board of Trustees prior to adoption.

The Executive Director and members of the Leadership Team will provide an annual overview of Library Administrative Policies to the Board of Trustees. The overview will include a list of policies reviewed, any significant changes made to current policies, and any new policies that were adopted.


This policy is reviewed by the Executive Director (or designee) every four (4) years, or more frequently as needed. Recommendations are forwarded to a Board of Trustees committee. The committee reviews and revises as necessary, endorses, and advances to the full Board of Trustees for approval.

Policy History

Date Approved: July 27, 2020
Next review date: 2024
Date Adopted: July 27, 2020

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