Strategic Alliances Policy

Strategic Alliances Policy

Sno-Isle Libraries Board Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to Sno-Isle Libraries (the Library) in identifying, prioritizing, and developing alliances with community agencies, and to recognize the principles and criteria by which participation decisions are made.


All strategic alliances and associated activities must comply with state and local laws and be permissible within a library's purpose as specifically defined in Chapter 27.12 RCW.


Sno-Isle Libraries welcomes strategic alliances with public, private, nonprofit and community organizations through collaboration, in-kind services, sponsorships and investments for the purpose of enhancing existing library services, introducing new services, increasing the visibility of the Library in the community, and reaching new audiences.


Board of Trustee approval is required before finalizing strategic alliances with commitments (including staff time and funding) valued at more than $100,000 in aggregate.
The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring the Board of Trustees is informed of all strategic alliances valued at more than $10,000 in aggregate.
Staff engaged with strategic alliances are responsible for supporting effective communication of partner activities with library leadership.

Principles and Criteria for Engaging in Strategic Alliances

  1. Strategic alliances will be considered where the partner, organization, or project:
    • Meets an identified need within the community
    • Aligns with and supports Sno-Isle Libraries' organizational values, goals, and objectives.
    • Enhances the Library's image in the community
    • Improves the equity of access to Library services
    • Results in mutual and shared benefit to the Library
    • Priority will be given to partners and initiatives that meet multiple criteria from this list.
  2. Strategic alliances will be evaluated by Library staff to determine short and long term costs and benefits. The Library will not enter into strategic alliances where total evaluated cost to the Library exceeds the anticipated benefits derived by the Library.
    • If a strategic alliance becomes non-beneficial to the Library, staff must take decisive steps to either cure the deficiency or terminate the alliance.
    • All strategic alliance cost/benefit evaluations shall be retained in accordance with established public record guidelines.
  3. Partners in a strategic alliance may not influence the selection of Library materials and must respect the Library's commitment to intellectual freedom.
  4. Partners in a strategic alliance may not require explicit endorsement of products and services.
  5. All strategic alliances must support the Library's policy of equal access to service. Strategic alliance activities, services, events and programs must not give unfair advantage to, or create discriminations against, any sectors of the community.
  6. All strategic alliance engagements will be based on open and transparent interactions made in due regard to applicable laws.
  7. Partners in a strategic alliance shall not drive the Library's agenda or priorities.

Policy History

Date approved: 6/2020
Next review date: 6/2024
Adopted: 2020

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