Commitment to Sustainability and Community Resiliency

Commitment to Sustainability and Community Resiliency

Sno-Isle Libraries' commitment to sustainability and community resiliency is intertwined with our commitment to equity and fiscal stewardship. We recognize our role in enacting positive change.

Public libraries are community institutions that exist to share and re-use resources. Sno-Isle Libraries is committed to go beyond this and embrace the tenets of sustainability and community resilience.

Sno-Isle Libraries serves as an inspiration and catalyst for sustainability.

We incorporate sustainable practices throughout our library buildings and our operations.

We inspire individuals and communities through library collections, exhibits, events, and advocacy.

Sno-Isle Libraries contributes to community resilience.

We provide refuge for community members during periods of unhealthy climate conditions, such as wildfire smoke and extreme heat or cold, during open hours in our library buildings.

We participate in emergency preparedness and response activities with our local partners and communities and serve as gathering and distribution centers in response to disasters and emergencies.

We partner with government entities and community organizations to support climate adaptation and build resilient communities.

Statement adopted by Sno-Isle Libraries Leadership Team on January 5, 2023. 

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